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Hamlin deadline approaches, Romo finishes third


The deadline for Ken Hamlin and the Cowboys to get a long-term deal done is fast approaching. 

The Cowboys and McGuire have until 3 p.m. Tuesday to reach an agreement on a long-term deal or else the Pro Bowl safety can only play for the one-year tender offer of $4.396 million.

For a longer review of what's going on with Hamlin's contract, BTB-regular APerfectStar posted a link in this FanShot.


OK, here’s one out of the blue. A sportswriter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer was asked about the Browns next possible moves.

The more urgent need, of course, is for a veteran cornerback. I still believe they should make a pitch for Anthony Henry of Dallas, but the Cowboys want to get through their preseason without an injury before considering a deal.

There’s no way this could happen. The Cowboys, for the first time in a while, appear to have quality starters and real depth at cornerback. I can’t see anyway they mess with that this year. Starting next year, they may have some decisions to make, but let’s at least get Adam Jones through a full year without suspension. Let’s see Mike Jenkins and Orlando Scandrick play in actual NFL games. And let’s see what happens with Ken Hamlin long-term and Anthony Henry playing in some pseudo-safety alignments. Let all that happen then the Cowboys can look at dealing a player – in 2009.


As a lot of you already know, Tony Romo finished third in the celebrity golf tournament yesterday. 

Romo also did an interview with Ed Werder for ESPN. Watch the interview as Romo plays with Werder. It’s like a boxing-match, no, more like sparring while training for a match. It’s not full-out combat, but when Werder starts with the questions about suspended players on the team, could there be locker room trouble, etc. – Romo coolly counter-punches with effortless efficiency and minimal malice. It’s like he doesn’t really want to make Werder look bad, except for references to his haircut, but wants to remind him that he’s full of it.

Kevin Burnett on Tony Romo.

Before games, [Romo] a Jason Witten are side by side talking football and what side adjustments they are going to use for that particular week. Once those two are done talking, Romo will grab 81 for a quick five-minute meeting to talk about mismatch opportunities and who the weak links maybe. Romo then gathers a few younger players and goes into a break down of the opposing teams coverage and personnel. On a side note I don't call very many people great because I believe the term is used too loosely today. When you look at 9, he does things that great ones do but he doesn't want you to call him great yet.

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