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Dallas Cowboys roundup

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Ken Hamlin and the 'Boys are nearing completion on his anticipated deal. Nick Eatman is all over the story.

For more than four months, the Cowboys and safety Ken Hamlin have let contract negotiations come and go without much progress.

But with a deadline fast approaching, both sides are now workng feverishly to get a deal completed before Tuesday's 3 p.m. (CDT) deadline.

If Hamlin, who was given the franchise tag back in February, does not sign a long-term deal by then, the safety will not be able to sign a long-term deal between ow and the end of the regular season. And therefore, Hamlin will have to play out this season on his one-year, $4.396 million tender.

The Cowboys have had ongoing talks with Hamlin and his agent Kennard McGuire lately. The two sides spent most of Monday trying to hash out a new deal.

This guy was arguably the most important piece of our defense last year and he was definitely the captain of our secondary. Sign. Him. Now. Please.

In other news, Romo is cool with Brett Favre "un-retiring." Way cooler than the Packers are that is.

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo should head to Las Vegas, with or without Jessica Simpson.

Based on the comments he made the day before the Green Bay Packers received a letter from Brett Favre, who wants to be released, Romo in an interview on the NFL Network was confidently declaring it was going to happen.

"Oh yeah, he's coming back for sure, are you kidding?" Romo said on the "NFL Total Access" show. "The guy loves to play the game. The guy played at a high, high level last year. You always want a good quarterback."


You think it's hard waiting for the new training camp to start? So do the players. But fortunately many of the 'Boys are doing things to make the time pass that does not involve illegal activities or potential litigation.

T.O. is doing a camp and so is Chris Canty. Tony Romo is practicing his second love -- golf.
More football camps, less making it rain. Beautiful.
Rodger the Dodger just sold his business for $600 million, garnering a more than $87 million windfall for himself. I know this guy thinks he has money. But that's chump change to the Dodger.

The world of real estate has changed dramatically since 1971, when the 29-year-old Dallas Cowboys quarterback went to work for real estate legend Henry S. Miller Jr. to supplement his football salary. Even future Hall of Famers needed financial padding back then. In his final playing days, Mr. Staubach made about $225,000 a year.

Mr. Staubach started his own company in 1977, brokering real estate the usual way: representing landlords and trying to find renters. Five years later, he turned the tables by representing tenants in office, industrial and retail transactions – considered quite an innovation then.

Over the years, Staubach Co. handled some of the largest local commercial property transactions on record, including the moves of Exxon Corp. (now Exxon Mobil) and GTE Telephone (now Verizon) to Irving.

By 1993, his company had revenue of $20-plus million. In fiscal 2008, ended last month, it had $550 million in revenue generated by 1,600 employees in 70-plus North American offices.

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