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Friday night Cowboys link dump


Sorry, not a lot of time to post today. Here are some articles that will hopefully spur some conversation.

Long article by Michael Silver at Yahoo about Tony Romo. It definitely had a great start with this line:

Like his girlfriend Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo is known primarily for two things –

 Ha! Stay classy, Silver. But it is funny.

The article chronicles Tony Hollywood’s celebrity status in relation to winning in the postseason; but mainly it’s a re-hash of the Mexican Vacation Situation.

We knew Romo played golf, and some basketball, but we also find out he plays soccer.

Uh, soccer? That's right – Romo, who last October signed a six-year, $67.5-million contract extension, routinely rips it up in the midfield in a Dallas-area rec league. Heaven help the Steve Bartman wannabe who takes him down with an aggressive slide tackle.

Yikes! I could see NFC East teams paying some thugs to infiltrate the Dallas-area rec league.

Hat tip to bluewolf021 for the FanShot.

Another “Romo needs to win in the post-season” story. 

Mickey’s travels.

The Orlando Scandrick deal is official.

This is recommended reading about a plan to keep Cowboys fans from infiltrating the Cardinals stadium for the game there. Complete with this zinger if you break the rules that are suggested:

If you are caught it is punishable by death or having to watch the Cardinals vs. the Saints in the preseason, whatever your preference is.

Give me death.

Standard “it’s almost time for training camp” story.

Don't forget to check the FanShots for more stories. BTB-regular scottmaui owns that place.

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