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Terrell Owens most indispensable player on the Dallas Cowboys

Last week TH posted about's Mr. Indispensable, and how his is Tony Romo.

According to ESPN's Jeffri Chadiha, Owens is the #3 most indispensable player in the league behind Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. Just a few years ago he was one of the most hated players in the league, ostracized by the media and it was widely publicized that the Eagles would be a much better team without him. As BTB regular doomsday would say, the transformation is complete. After years of being thought of as a locker room cancer it has become painfully obvious how critical he is to the Cowboys' success. If he was healthy at the end of the year in 2007 who knows how things might have gone in January.

Chadiha says that without Owens life gets a whole lot tougher for Romo and Co.

Terrell Owens, WR, Dallas

Say what you will about T.O. and his controversial history, but you have to admit this much: He's the key to that high-powered offense in Dallas. We saw that much when a high ankle sprain made him ineffective in an NFC divisional playoff loss to the New York Giants. When Owens is healthy, he makes life easier on tight end Jason Witten, wide receiver Patrick Crayton and quarterback Tony Romo. When he's off the field, the Cowboys' passing game isn't nearly as scary ... and neither is the rest of that team.

Be sure to vote in the poll for who you think is the player the Cowboys would miss the most.


Nick Eatman takes a look at who might be this year's camp surprises.

Rob Phillips says that the Cowboys' coaches are pleased as pie to have Hamlin back for TC.

Imagine that.


Eatman also says that Terry Glenn's teammates are hoping he will be there for training camp on Thursday.

Glenn still has to sign the Cowboys' injury waiver in order for him to play this year or they will cut him. The longer this has gone on the more I understand the Cowboys' point; if Glenn was so certain about the health of his knee he wouldn't hesitate signing the waiver for one last chance to win a Super Bowl.


Wade Phillips says "get your ring finger ready." Whoa there, partner. Let's just win a playoff game first.


BTB newcomer bruinbabe2000 reports in her fanshot that the Cardinals are looking to minimize the amount of Cowboys fans in their home stadium this year.

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