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BTB at Dallas Cowboys training camp


What’s up everybody? Excited about training camp? I know you are and I am too. I’ll be traveling to Oxnard tomorrow and will be reporting what I see over the next 11 days or so. I’ll be out of touch until Thursday night when I’ll do a “greetings from Oxnard” post. Then I’ll be doing the regular practice reports that I’ve done for the past couple of years. Can’t wait for Dallas Cowboys football to start up again.

While I’ve been absent from the blog over the last couple of days on a business trip, I want to thank Brandon and Tuna Helper for keeping things going on the front page. Great stuff from those guys and they’ll be helping me out a lot over training camp. And everybody else is doing a great job on the FanPosts and the FanShots. I love it when we have so much activity in those sections; it keeps all the latest Cowboys news on the front of the blog. Thanks! It’s nice to see a lot more comments recently as a lot of the regulars are returning from offseason hibernation. And to those guys who were here all offseason, big ups to you. This blog works best when everybody is contributing.

You might have noticed the ads about FanHouse fantasy leagues on the blog. AOL is hosting an SB Nation fantasy league for most of our blogs. We’ll have one for Blogging The Boys. I’ll let you know the details very soon in a FanPost. So if you want to play fantasy football in a Blogging The Boys league, keep an eye out for the details.

I’ll leave the posting of Cowboys news to Brandon and TH, I’ve got a lot to do to get ready to leave tomorrow. But I’ll be talking to you guys from Oxnard soon and the 2008 Dallas Cowboys season will be underway.

It’s finally here!

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