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Dallas Cowboys sign Orlando Scandrick

Gotta love this.

The first Cowboys draft pick has signed his contract. Defensive back Orlando Scandrick came to terms with the team on Thursday afternoon a source said. The four-year deal includes a signing bonus of about $190,000.

The other draft picks should be signing fast and furious now. The DMN Blog is also reporting the signing as well.

Two down. Four to go.

Way to go Jerry.

Hat tip and shout out to Deke and his fanpost here.

John Clayton says we need help at the receiver position.

Q: Do you agree with Jerry Jones' statement about the draft that there were no wide receivers on the board past the first round that were better than what the Cowboys already had on the roster? Do you think Terry Glenn contributes at all this year? In your opinion, do the Cowboys need to look for a preseason trade or should they stick to the plan? Do you think any of the lesser-known WRs on Dallas' roster (Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin) will emerge as reliable threats to pair with T.O.? 

Dave in San Francisco


A: I agree with Jones that there were no first-round values among the wide receivers this year, but I can't agree that the 10 receivers taken in the second round weren't as good as the Cowboys' receiving options after Terrell Owens. The NFL is in a down cycle for developing starting receivers. Most teams really don't have a No. 1, and only six Pro Bowl receivers have been developed since 2002. Blame underclassmen coming out too early and failing to live up to expectations. The Cowboys are an injury away from disaster at wide receiver. If Owens misses a game or two with an injury, it could paralyze the passing offense. The Cowboys need to be in the market for receiver help.

He's got a point. We don't have a lot of experience past T.O. and if he goes down we're in trouble. But we've put a lot of time and effort into Crayton, Austin and Sam Hurd. We eventually have to find out if they're capable of major contributions to our passing game. I think they are.

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