McNabb already giving Bulletin Board Material?

McNabb StoryIs this going to agitate you guys as much as it did me?

"A lot of people have picked us to win the NFC, and rightfully so," said McNabb, suggesting all business in a plain white T-shirt and ball cap. "It's not that hard to see the type of team we have. You don't win NFC championships or the NFC on paper. You put it out on the field. Our team hasn't changed that much where we can't win the NFC again."




With a straightforward matter-of-factness, McNabb insisted that the start of this season will be different from 2007, when he was coming back from knee surgery. There will be no excuses, he said, and the results will be different. In fact, he almost sounded as though he was calling out his teammates -- and putting division rivals on notice that the NFC East title will go through Philadelphia again.



"We beat the Cowboys last year, and we should have beaten them in the first game," said McNabb, apparently not afraid to provide a little bulletin board material for the folks training in Oxnard, Calif. "The Redskins, we should have beaten them the first time. The Giants, we should have beaten them both times. It's not just teams in our division; it's the NFC, period. I feel like we can compete with all of them. If you ask those teams, they'll tell you the same, that we have the type of team you have to look out for.


You would think with this guy's history he would know enough to keep his mouth shut until he gets through at least 7 games without coming up lame.  I kind of feel sorry for him.  Here is the link to said story:<!-- PULL-QUOTE (END) -->

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