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Terry Glenn not on team flight to Oxnard

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Per the DMN blog, and reported here on BTB by deke and The Jman, Terry Glenn is not on the team flight to California.

While this isn't exactly great news it doesn't necessarily spell the end for Glenn. The Cowboys and Glenn still have time to come to some sort of an agreement. The deadline for today was self-imposed by the Cowboys but if the two sides seem to be close to something I am certain that Jerry will allow himself to continue negotiations past today. Although you wonder exactly how much negotiating can be happening at this point.

Just like two weeks ago, I think the longer this goes on the more foreboding the outcome. If Glenn isn't in Oxnard by tomorrow afternoon expect to see a press release stating he has been cut by the Cowboys.

More to come.


And for everyone's listening enjoyment, Blogging the Boys was asked to do a guest appearance on a podcast for fantasy football website

Our main man Grizz did the honors, and it's a really good show to listen to. You can access the podcasts from the Dynasty Rogues front page, or you can go directly to Grizz's guest spot here.