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Greetings from Oxnard and Dallas Cowboys training camp


Well, I am in California just hours away from the first training camp practice of 2008. Shango has been gracious enough to host me at his house for the duration of my stay and we’ll be driving over to Oxnard and back everyday. He lives approximately 30-45 minutes away from Oxnard so the practice reports will be up maybe an hour or so after the one-a-day practices and after the last practice of two-a-days. I’ll try to get up the practice report after the first practice of two-a-days up relatively quickly from somewhere in Oxnard that has Internet access. For the first couple of days you guys will have to bear with me as we figure out the traffic patterns on the highways and get a routine down.

We’re getting prepared to head over to training camp sometime soon and will get our first look at the 2008 Dallas Cowboys. Naturally, we’re interested in seeing Adam Jones live and in person but I’ll be covering everything else, too.

Today is the day, the season starts now.

How frickin’ stoked are you guys about that?!

P.S. Mrs. Shango is two times as cool as Shango, you can tell him I said that.

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