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Dallas Cowboys to waive Terry Glenn

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Per the DMN blog:

UPDATE: Jerry Jones announced that the Cowboys will waive Glenn. They are not closing the door on the possibility that he will rejoin the team down the road, but they don't want to risk him reinjuring the knee while rehabbing on their dime. Glenn will also be free to sign with another team. Much more to come.

Well, that's it then. It will be sad to see Glenn leave. I really enjoyed watching him play, not just for the Cowboys but all throughout his career as well.

It was a very odd day as the Cowboys began camp, mostly in part to shotty reporting by ESPN. I plan on doing a piece later this weekend on Glenn and his time with the Cowboys. While we wait for Grizz's first practice report feel free to discuss your favorite TG moments.

Hat tip to bigdogarita for his Fanpost, and to WB3forMB3 for breaking the news in the comments.