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Did Bill Parcells throw Romo under the bus?

Our top two draft picks may not make either practices today.

Here's a roundup of activities to wet the whistle before Grizz gives us the real deal. Highlights: ESPN's Ed Werder gets booed and Ratliff and Colombo get into a fight.

Hopefully it didn't end like this or this.

Kevin Burnett says the word of the day Friday was "finish."

I have two words for today: "Bud Light." And you must finish in my household or we call drinking foul!


Mike Florio writes for Sporting News and He wrote an article detailing the top 10 training camp dramas and, of course, the 'Boys made the list.

10. Will Adam Jones be worth it?

Though it's highly unlikely that Dallas Cowboys cornerback Adam Jones will do anything to jeopardize his potential reinstatement, whether Jones will play like he did when he was known as Pacman, despite being out of the game since December 2006, is questionable.

We'll know early in preseason whether Jones has any rust, and we'll find out after a few nights on the town whether he can stay out of trouble.

Seems like our remaining wide receivers are handling Terry Glenn's release exactly the way I hoped they would.

With Terry Glenn now released, the second tier of wide receivers know it's time to step up. Patrick Crayton said he doesn't feel any added pressure, but knows all eyes will be on him once again.

"That's the way it was last year and I think it turned out OK," said Crayton, who had career-highs in catches (50), yards (697) and touchdowns (seven). "But at the same time, it's a sad thing. I was a little surprised. Yeah, I move up a little (on the depth chart) but I still lose my boy."

Sam Hurd is ready. Danny Amendola showed he was ready Friday by making the "play of the day."


Anquan Boldin says he's done with the Cardinals after his contract is up. Hmmm. His agent is Drew Rosenhaus and we've done a lot of business with him lately. Think the 'Boys might take a run at him?

Hat tip and shout out to Deke for his fanpost here.

Imagine if the 'Boys touched down for training camp and there was horse manure on the practice fields.

Don't laugh. It actually happened back in the day.

The upstart Dallas Cowboys had to wonder: What were people trying to tell them?

Aside from being the only team in NFL history to begin operation with no college draft to fortify its roster, the ’60 Cowboys played two of their six preseason games on fields laced with cow and horse manure.

Eddie LeBaron can laugh about it — now.

"Louisville [Ky.] and Pendleton [Ore.] were interesting places to play," said the former Washington Redskins QB, who came to Dallas via the ’60 expansion draft.

"In Louisville, they had just had their state fair. There was still some horse manure on that field. And in Pendleton, that’s where they hold a really, really big rodeo [Pendleton Roundup] every year, and there was cow and horse manure on that field.

Feast your eyes on this beautiful article from

For the first time ever, NFL games will stream over the Internet.  For free.


According to Terry Lefton and John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal, whose story will be published on July 28, the 17 NBC games will be available for viewing at and

Hells yeah! The LA Times writes a more detailed story here. 

The NFL Network will broadcast the Cowboys-Ravens matchup Dec. 20.

For all of you who can't stand the Tuna, Newy Scruggs has quite the article for you. Chris Mottram also believes Parcells threw Romo under the bus.

Just a small taste of the Scruggs rant.

When will somebody call out Bill Parcells for being selfish? Really. This guy gets a free pass from reality and I don’t get it.

Scruggs spits hot fire!

Hat tip and shout out for WB3forMB3 and his fanshot here.

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