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Dallas Cowboys news roundup

The first day of the 2008 training camp has come a gone and boy was it a doozy. While by all accounts the practice itself was a bit boring there was a ton of stuff going on off the field. It will be nice to see that now that we have some kind of resolution regarding Terry Glenn and all of the draft picks are signed we can really start focusing on the play on the field.


Here are some quick links to stories from the world wide web:

The release of Terry Glenn hinged on doctors saying his knee could go anytime.

Jim Reeves says that the Cowboys failing to draft a receiver now has them in desperate times to land a true #2 threat. I don't think the Cowboys ever really put all their hopes and dreams in Terry Glenn, but I never saw the perfect oppurtunity to bring in another receiver. It typically takes a few years for a receiver to adjust to playing in the NFL and reaching for one in the draft would have been a mistake. The Cowboys may still make a play for a trade, but it all depends on the asking price.

According to Matt Mosely the Cowboys waited too long on making a decision on Glenn and it all ended in embarrassing fashion.


Here's the DMN generic story about Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins signing.

That same article also has some quotes from Greg Ellis and his playing time.

"Everything is fine," Ellis said. "You never know until you get to the season, but we're fine. There's no problems.

"Wade has a plan, and what he told me, that's what we're going to do."

Star_medium has an article up about the young receivers relishing their opportunity to make an impression now that Glenn is gone.

Mac Engel also has 5 things to say about Isaiah Stanback.

Adam Jones is happy to be back in a "real" practice.

The fans are enjoying the spectacle of the Cowboys training camp.

Todd Archer has his thoughts up about the first day of camp.

And finally, Alex Marvez of writes about how America's Team has become Hollywood's Team. It's a pretty good read so check it out.


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