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Tony Romo: The best hope for a ring

Play of the day: Jason Hatcher knocks Leonard Davis on his butt.


Anthony Henry talks about a potential move to safety on passing situations. Roy Williams also weighs in.

"If I start, I start. If I don't, I don't," Williams said. "Whatever helps the team in the best situation, then they'll use me. If not, then somebody is better than me. I'm okay with that. The whole common goal is to win."

That's what I like to hear Roy.

Hat tip and shout out to John Boy for his fanpost here.


I love the fact that we have a team full of talent and character. Who wouldn't want a locker room full with guys like Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Terence Newman?

Someday people might be saying the same thing about Mike Jenkins. He's pulled himself up by his proverbial bootstraps and made something out of himself by doing things the right way.

With the stroke of a pen, 17-year-old Mike Jenkins could have been on a plane flying to Lincoln, Neb. — or wherever — to go to school, play football and be away from the tough realities of his youth.

He grew up with a mother who was fighting diabetes and high blood pressure, and a father who was in and out of jail. Jenkins easily could have left to pursue a more conventional college experience.

On the table were scholarship offers from Nebraska, Iowa and a handful of other attractive schools far away from his home in Bradenton, Fla.

"It’s your life and you need to make the decision that is best for you," his mother told him. "I’ll back you 100 percent."

The morning of National Signing Day he told his mother he had made up his mind.

"What’s it going to be?" she asked.

He wouldn’t say. Later that morning during a ceremony at his high school he was flanked by his mother ... who still didn’t know her son’s choice.

This is typical Mike Jenkins. When he’s ready to tell you, he will. But only when he’s ready.

"I’m going to South Florida," Jenkins said to the audience.

"I almost passed out," said his mother, Kathy Gray.

Six years later, Kathy, 45, literally fainted when the Dallas Cowboys selected her son in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. Jenkins arrived in Oxnard on Saturday after agreeing to a contract Friday and immediately will be plugged into the Cowboys’ secondary.

His teammates will soon learn that despite his quiet demeanor, Jenkins is ready for the transition. Blessed with NFL talent, he’s also blessed with maturity and a sense of responsibility that make him an ideal fit among the high-profile Cowboys.

Speaking of Jenkins, he had to hurry to make his first practice as a Dallas Cowboy.


Not all agree that our team is full of high-character guys. Most think because we have T.O., Tank and the athlete formerly known as Pacman on our team that our locker room is a cancer-filled cesspool.

Add's Alex Marvez to this group of naysayers. He seems to have a jones for the 'Boys cause he keeps writing about us. His new article? He seems to be saying "nah nah nah nah nah! You think Adam Jones has changed but he really hasn't." His proof?

Yet for a moment Friday, a flash of the old "Pacman" returned. It was enough to raise red flags about whether Jones has truly changed. If nothing else, it's evident the 24-year-old Jones still isn't savvy enough to avoid saying things that further soil his image.

Asked how different the Cowboys' training camp is from Tennessee's, Jones said, "I don't mean to say anything bad about Tennessee, but I don't never want to go back there. It sucks."

The same might be said of Jones if he blows this opportunity as well.

That's right. Because he said Tennessee "sucks."

Sigh. It's going to be a long long season.

Mike Florio of also jumped into the act with this headline "Adam Jones has a bad memory or is just stupid" because Jones said he'd participated in three offensive plays and scored three touchdowns.

Please make the stupid stop! It burns!


Jim Reeves make an awesome point in his latest article: don't hate on Jessica for writing songs about Romo. You're just mad because she thought of it first.

OXNARD, Calif. — We were walking off the practice field Saturday morning when I deliberately ventured into no-man’s land with Tony Romo.

"This may be off-limits," I ventured, "but how did it make you feel when Jessica wrote that song for you?"

Romo got that squinty-eyed look he sometimes gets, smiled his slightly crooked smile, and clapped me on the shoulder, just to let me know that he meant no offense with his short, concise answer.

"That’s off the record," he said.

And you know what?

That’s OK.

He doesn’t have to talk about it, but the fact is, when Tony’s main squeeze, Jessica Simpson, wrote her new country song You’re My Sunday for Romo, she was also speaking for millions of Dallas Cowboys fans out there.

"He’s my better tomorrow," Jessica said as she introduced the song at a Wisconsin country music festival last week, and Cowboys fans can certainly relate.

He’s the Cowboys’ better tomorrow, too, and that’s what gives all those fans hope that this could be their year.

I'm going with this Teddy Pendergrass classic to express my true feelings about Romo and what he means to our Super Bowl aspirations. Take it away Teddy P!


Duane Thomas stopped by training camp along with Keyshawn Johnson and Erik Williams.


Kevin Burnett says the players are hungry and ready to lead by example.


ESPN's Matt Mosley keeps the hits going with his Weekend Mailbag. He says the Brandon Jacobs, Ahmad Bradshaw and Derrick Ward trio is better than the Cowboys running backs of Marion Barber, Felix Jones and Tashard Choice. He also says we don't really need Terry Glenn because we have Patrick Crayton.

Duly noted on both counts. I would just add Barber is the most talented runner out of both groups, so that gives us a bit of an edge.


Isaiah Stanback may not be as polished as Miles Austin and Sam Hurd but he's more dangerous with the ball in his hands. Could the 'Boys exploit this with plays designed specifically for him?

I've always got a Slash-Antwaan Randle El vibe from Stanback. That's a role I think he can definitely play but I'd much rather him become an impact receiver. Actually, at this point I just want to see him on the field. The coaches consistently rave about this guy so let's see what he can do.


The Star-Telegram has a new wrinkle in it's coverage called Top Five, where they discuss five important things about a player. They profiled Stanback first and now it's Tank Johnson's turn.

Johnson's real excited about the progress he's made during the offseason.

So am I buddy.



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