Newman injury update-MRI (out 2-4 weeks)

That's the word from secondary coach Dave Campo, who was wishy-washy about it.

"It might have been a groin," Campo said. "I'm not 100 percent sure."

Newman, who did not getting any reps after walking off the field midway through practice, declined to comment. Dr. Wade Phillips ought to have an update during his afternoon press conference.

This is not the kind of news I like to hear in training camp, hopefully he's just going to be day to day and not more serious, details to follow as this story is still developing.

  I guess we'll get a better understanding what exactly the problem is with Newman when Wade Phillips has his daily press conference later today.



Cowboys Pro Bowl cornerback Terence Newman strained a groin and the severity of the injury is not yet known. He left the morning practice early after an awkward hit while he was on the ground and did not return.

Newman received treatment in the athletic trainers’ tent twice during practice, but remained out. He untied his shoes and remained on the sidelines with a towel around his neck. Newman didn’t appear to be limping but was walking gingerly.

Newman could possibly have an MRI done after the training staff gets a closer look at him this afternoon. He is not expected to sit out the afternoon practice which is one of six two-a-days during training camp. He left the field while the team held its end-of-practice huddle.

Walking gingerly isn't words you want to hear but some good news is that he's not expected to to sit out the afternoon practice, but others are reporting that he will be kept out of the afternoon practice. I guess we'll have to wait for the results of the MRI.


Might as well save it," Newman said while walking past reporters after practice.

Newman was in a foul mood, it's to be expected from a proud player who doesn't like to miss time, especially from an injury. Rest up Newman, you have nothing to prove here with the organization or the fans, just take it easy for a couple fo days, get some treatment and get back out there and ready for the season.




Corner Terence Newman had an MRI this morning on his strained left groin and it came up negative.

That's the good news. The bad news is that Newman will be out a while. Two weeks possibly. The Cowboys don't want to rush him back and there's no need too.

In the meantime, Mike Jenkins is working with the first team defense in Newman's spot. Adam Jones remains on the second team.

 Two weeks is better than six, but four weeks might be more like the time table. Some reports are stating that newman has a slight tear. This will give more reps to Jenkins,Scandrick, Ball and Oglesby. Thats a good thing...they need all the work they can handle. Hopefully newman can return in time for the final preseason game against the vikings.

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