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You got Dallas Cowboys questions, I got answers


As I’ve been posting my practice reports you guys have been diligently reading them, I can tell by the comments. That’s why I do them, so you can get a feel on what is happening on most every drill and scrimmage play. Not just the highlights or lowlights, but the player’s consistency from drill to drill and day to day. Hopefully, that is coming across in the write-ups. If you want more or different coverage, let me know and I’ll see what I can do but I have to say what I’m doing now takes my full attention at practice.

To the point of this post, you guys have asked questions in the comments that I just haven’t had time to answer. So I will now.

And what’s up with Carp? Is he that bad that they don’t have faith in him? I mean, Justin Rogers switches positions (again) to ILB and is on the 2nd team?  

by Bigrigga31

For the first few days I didn’t see anything new from Bobby Carpenter. His name just didn’t show up that much in my notes and I don’t remember him making any big plays. I was kind of losing faith that this year wouldn't be any different. But, if you read today’s practice report, you’ll notice his name a lot. He had a very good practice this morning working with the second team in place of Justin Rogers who I read has the stomach flu. Way to take advantage of the opportunity Bobby. We’ll have to see if he can put a few good days together.

I did have a Roy question, did he really look like he was near LB size?

by Wmillion

Roy doesn’t look that much different to me physically. If I had to go one way or the other I would say he maybe has lost a few pounds. What’s really important is how he’s playing on the field. So far, it’s a mixed-bag. The first few days he was having a lot of trouble in coverage, especially with Witten (but who doesn’t)? Over the last few practices I think he's been playing a little better and hasn’t been targeted as much in coverage. My overall evaluation is that not much has changed. We haven’t been doing a whole lot of running, we started doing some more recently, so we haven’t been playing to his strong suit.

Any word on Zach Thomas?

by jvw

Zach Thomas looks really good so far. He is always around the ball when he’s on the field. His ability to watch a play form and diagnose where the ball is going is uncanny. Barring any unforeseen injuries or concussions, I think Zach will provide an upgrade to this defense and will be a tackling machine.

Will U and Shango be doing any shows like last year?

by silverblue5

Shango and I will probably revise The Shango and Grizz Show during the season. I’ll let you know more about that soon.

I know its very early Grizz , have Marcus Dixon or Erik Walden stood out on any play?

by Deke

So far I haven’t seen much from Marcus Dixon. He’s been in on a few plays but he hasn’t risen above the pack of guys who are behind the top six in the defensive line rotation. My evaluation so far would say practice squad at best. Erik Walden has shown some brief moments of very good play. He’s extremely quick and I’ve seen him beat the linemen a couple of times in the 1-on-1 drills and he’s also made a few plays in the 11-on-11. I like what I’ve seen from his so far, not enough to project his possibilities of making the roster, etc., but enough to see potential. He’s gotten some reps with the 2nd team lately with Tearrius George out with an injury. I’ll keep my eye on him. 

Is there anywhere online to get some pictures from the practices and stuff?

by N41D

Tons of places, but I will start posting some more pics here on BTB and I will also post some video. Both will come courtesy of Shango as he is the multi-media guy out at the practices while I am the note-taker. I'll post one of his videos shortly.

Grizz, I feel like last year a lot of your reports talked about the nice plays the offense made. This year I’m reading about some defensive plays. Am I focusing on the defense more or do they seem to be making more stops this year?

by grapejoos

I don’t know how it measures up in comparison to the past training camps but early on the defensive line and linebackers appeared to be ahead of their counterparts on offense. In individual drills and in some of the 11-on-11’s I think the WR’s have gotten the better of the secondary. Again, this is all very early and guys/units are just learning everything and getting used to real action again. I think we’ll start to see the offense even things out on the front-line to go with some of the success they’ve had in the passing game.

Is Romo the only one who can throw a successful deep pass?
We’re so solid everywhere else.(starters &backups)

by bleedn blu

Short answer, so far Romo is the only guy completing deep passes with any consistency. Our backup QB play has been highly suspect in camp so far and is the one thing people in the stands talk about a lot. Brad Johnson has no accuracy or arm-strength deep and has thrown 2-3 flutter balls deep that have been picked off. Richard Bartel has not looked great and is inaccurate on a lot of passes. Jeff Terrell has simply been bad. Outside of Romo, the situation is sketchy at best.

I'll try to answer more questions if you want to post them in the comments.

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