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Dallas Cowboys roundup


Posting has been a little slow since it’s a holiday weekend. Here are some articles to read in the meantime.

The guys over at discuss a few issues about the Cowboys.. The interesting one was their predictions for an unknown player to make noise out at Oxnard in a couple of weeks. Rob Phillips and Mickey Spags both jumped on sixth-round draft choice Erik Walden. That was kind of a surprise to me considering we hadn’t heard much about that kid since he was drafted. Hey, I’m all for more OLB’s that can rush the passer. I’ll keep an eye on him out at training camp. Nick Eatman went for WR Mike Jefferson. That may be true, but only if he apologizes to Roberto Duran for stealing the nickname “Hands of Stone” at last year’s camp. Seriously, the kid could get open but couldn’t catch a cold.

 JJT says bring Favre back, Green Bay. It will be good for Dallas. Why?

That's because [Favre’s] one of the most overrated, overhyped, good quarterbacks of this generation.

Harsh. But this made me giggle. He followed up that sentence with this one:

Yes, he's a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback based on his record-setting statistics and one Super Bowl championship,

 I don’t know, it’s hard for me to say a first-ballot Hall of Fame QB can be overrated. JJT does a fair job of breaking down the stats of Favre’s career that we’ve all seen. He throws a lot of INT’s – I mean a lot – and he’s only been so-so in the postseason, etc. Overhyped I might agree with, no one cringes more than me when John Madden swears Favre walks on water immediately following a totally bone-head play. But still, if you’re agreeing a player is a first-ballot HOF’er, can they be overrated? I’m just asking.

Another “Phillips better win or the boy-wonder could take his job” story. But in this one, apparently even Phillips agrees.

Phillips has told confidants that he has to win this fall. The seat might not be hot, but it sure looks uncomfortable.

 Fifth-round draft choice Orlando Scandrick doesn’t lack for confidence. He does have that one dimension that all coaches crave in their secondary – speed.

Hat tip to scottmaui for the link.

Another call for the Cowboys to win the Super Bowl. 

Is anybody else as confident about Brad Johnson as Jerry is? 

Q: A few weeks ago you said you would be open to getting a backup QB. You still trying to do that?

Jerry: "All the confidence. A lot of confidence in Brad. Had real good camps and real good work."

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