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Hurry up training camp


I’m in need of some action on the football field. I feel like a crack addict living in an Amish community. Training camp can’t get here soon enough. I look over at the countdown clock in the left-hand bar and see that we’re now less than 17 days away from camp opening. I suppose I should be happy for that. After all these months of the offseason, it is now July - and late July means training camp. So I should be happy for small graces. I’ve even booked my travel for Oxnard so I know that it’s real, it’s semi-tangible.

But still, can’t it move any faster? I want to pull a Rip Van Winkle and go to sleep for 17 days and wake up to press conference with Jerry Jones' big, smiling mug talking about the upcoming first practice. I want to see Zach Thomas running around with the star on his helmet hitting somebody. I want to see Adam Jones catching some punts and covering receivers like gravy on a biscuit. I want to see Felix Jones shaking-and-baking some defenders or catching a pass out of the backfield. I want to see Terrell Owens’ new squeeze in a bikini. (OK, that last one had nothing to do with football).

The closer training camp gets the slower the time seems to move.

Are you guys jonesing for a real football fix as bad as I am?


Kevin Burnett is blogging about NFL players getting into trouble.

How any player can be arrested numerous times still to this day makes me wonder. Is it something the player is doing or is it someone he is hanging around or is it just wrong place at the wrong time.

 Uh, Kev, you don’t need to blog to get an answer to that one. Just go over a few lockers and a certain new member of the Cowboys could probably give you some serious insight into that issue.


Brian Stewart is doing his part to help out other minority coaches.


I know in one of the threads below there has been a discussion going on about the best QB’s past and present. According to the ESPN survey of head coaches, there’s no doubt about the best QB in the league today. Tom Brady was the runaway winner with Peyton Manning trailing at a distant second when asked which NFL player would you draft first in a league-wide draft.


This guy at FOX Sports likes Tony Romo as the #3 fantasy QB. 

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