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Dallas Cowboys reportedly looking for QB help


So the Dallas Cowboys are quietly in the market for a quarterback. No silly, we’re not talking about replacing Tony Romo. But looking at the #2 spot on the Cowboys roster you have a player who is so old he was once quoted by the Canaan Daily News as calling Methuselah  "a spring chicken; a guy who has a chance once he matures." I kid. But Brad Johnson is old enough to have been drafted in the ninth round. That’s the equivalent of being drafted on the seventh day in today’s NFL draft.

The report states that multiple sources are confirming the Cowboys are looking at getting a bit younger at the backup QB spot. Once the Cowboys brass watched Johnson play extensive minutes in the Washington game last year, they realized that his arm just might be…ummm…shot. Did it really take that game to realize that? Probably not. The question is why the Cowboys have waited this long to pursue a #2 option. It makes you wonder about the validity of the story.

Anyway, the name supposedly being floated around Valley Ranch is…

The name that continues to float around Valley Ranch is former Texas star Chris Simms. Simms, 26, is under contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and has told friends he would definitely be interested in signing with the Cowboys.

He’s still the property of the Bucs but that may not last long.

So what do you think? Yea or nay on Chris Simms?

Star_medium is running a series of articles on getting to know your assistant coaches. Today’s first installment profiles secondary coach Brett Maxie who is working mainly with the safeties.

Maxie has gotten good results with that approach in the past. In his one year with Miami, Maxie coached a group of unheralded players into being the fourth-best secondary in the league, allowing only 188 passing yards per game.

At Atlanta, Maxie coached now-Oakland Raider DeAngelo Hall to two Pro Bowls and 12 interceptions over three years. In San Francisco, results were similar, since in Maxie's final two seasons with the club, safety Tony Parrish intercepted 16 passes.

And now, with what he said is the most talented secondary he's been around, he hopes to recreate the same success. Players already seem to be buying into his approach after four OTA's and one mini-camp.

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