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Dallas Cowboys training camp: Practice #10

It was a slow day at Dallas Cowboys training camp this morning. The players were in shorts and helmets and they used the session for teaching, even when they ran the 11-on-11 drills it was at half-speed. I didn't chart the plays because it was half-speed and the defense wasn't trying to stop the offense. DeMarcus Ware was back at practice today. On one side of the field the offense was practicing their hurry-up routine against no defense. It was all about running to the line, getting in and out of the huddle and getting lined up quickly. On the defensive side of the field they were working on goal line formations. They lined up with 5 down linemen, 3 linebackers, 2 safeties and 1 corner. The 1st unit had Ware, Canty Spears, Ratliff and Spencer across the front, Burnett, Zach and Bradie as linebackers, Roy and Hamlin as the safeties with Henry as the CB. Spencer ran with the 1's in a lot of today's practice but they were probably just giving Ellis a rest.

They also worked on positional technique drills and the defensive line was in front of where we were sitting. They practiced getting down in the 4-point stance for the goal line and firing off low and submarining the offense, but they were doing this against tackling dummies. Ratliff was so low to the ground when he went he looked like he was crawling. Todd Grantham had to get on Junior Siavii to get lower. Then they started talking about specific blocking schemes and where to position themselves in certain formations and reading the FB to know where the ball was going.

Jenkins and AJ were switching out as the #1 corner opposite Henry, Spears was still at the NT position and Carpenter is getting a lot of time with the second team. Justin Rogers seems to be splitting his time between inside and outside linebacker.

They also practiced some special teams and Nick Folk was getting some of his kicks to the goal line with good hang time.

They also worked on getting off their own goal line and Cricket even got a carry during that drill.

There really wasn't much to report from this morning's practice. We'll be out there again this afternoon but I'll be doing a couple of radio spots so the report won't be complete. At 3 pm PST I'm supposed to be on ESPN 1530 AM radio out of Austin with Geoff Ketchum and Chad Hastings during their aafternoon drive time show. After that I'm doing a spot with Rafael Vela that you can call into at 888-806-1661.

I think I'll be doing the DCFanatic show later tonight, we were supposed to do it yesterday but he had technical difficulties and I think it's rescheduled for tonight.


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