Rules in Review

The 2 Rules to be discussed are the 1. Receiver must come downs in bounds Rule and 2. the Facemask Rule aka-The Marion Rule.

So I just read that the push out of bound rule Does have a stipulation and that is if the defenders carry the receiver out of bounds.....that's the same old thing Again!!! How do the Officials determine he is "carried"? I mean if he is pushed when he was in the air with the ball (or receiver) being inside yet above the endzone and they keep contact with him isn't that a push out AND a carry? So isn't the rule only a technicality ?  I guess I need to hear or see what is determined to be a carry. Does it mean the receiver is on their heads or backs or just somehow being held above the ground long enough by the defenders to get him out of bounds (which if you think of it is not hard cause their speed and momentum and any contact at all could easily drift them a yard or two and then activate the "carried" out part).         And is it reviewable???

Okay, the Marion Rule.   You can't put your hand on their facemask.... what about on their head?  I mean a tackler is racing at you in a near horizontal lay out and about the only thing you can touch is his head/helmet.  By the letter of the law it is not the facemask, neither is the crown and the side of the can they be used to fight back or deflect a defender?    Seems like if a ball carrier puts his hand straight out and touches the top of the helmet or the back of it then the defender is spearing him because his face is down and he is coming in with the crown of the helmet, so maybe it is legal to push the top of the helmet..... Seems the rule gives more power to the defense if no part of the helmet can be pushed on.    

Who can clear this or these up?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.