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Dallas Cowboys training camp: Practice #11


OK, here’s the best I can do with this afternoon’s reports since I spent part of the time doing radio spots (hope you guys listened to them) and had a bad view during other drills. They spent a lot of the time doing skeleton drills and teaching technique like they did in the morning although they were in shorts and shoulder pads this afternoon. Good news was that DeMarcus Ware was fully participating in practice so his injury is past. During the positional drills the RB/FB group was working on hand-fighting for blocks and they were getting into it. Of course Cricket was the most animated and jumped up on Ronnie Cruz and whacked him on the helmet after their session.

They ran some 9-on-9 running drills while the WR/CB drills were going on at the other end. In the 9-on-9, the first formation was Felix lined up out wide then he went in motion and lined up at TB with MB3 as the acting FB. They handed the ball to MB3 and he hit a nice hole on the right side. MB3 tried another run but Ware was in the backfield. After a couple of runs into heavy traffic Felix busted of a nice one to the right side. Felix tried a cutback run to the left but Dowayne Davis did a good job of staying home then Choice got a good crease on the right side. Choice and Coleman tried a few more runs but ran into massive traffic. Bobby Carpenter broke through to stop another run. Ware got another stop on MB3 and Choice tried a run up the middle to end the session.

They broke up for special teams doing punt drills with the emphasis on the gunner downing the punt. Some of the guys running the gunner position were Courtney Brown, Pat Watkins, Evan Oglesby, Orlando Scandrick, Danny Amendola and Daniel Polk.

Next up they did some 7-on-7 drills at one end but I watched the OL/DL 1-on-1 drills at my end. Bigg stood up Hatcher, Gurode handled Spears and Bowen got a great initial pop on Kosier but Kyle recovered to make it a battle. Flozell stoned Canty, Ratliff got around Colombo and Hatch put a nice move on Bigg. Gurode took on Spears again and got the better of him, Tank made a very quick move around Kosier and Flo handled Canty again. McQ did OK with Marcus Smith, Spears did nice work on Marten, Remi couldn’t get anywhere on Lekkerkerker and Tank put a spin move on Berger that was a beauty. Bowen got the best of Berger, Free did a nice job Canty and Ratliff made short work of McQ. Marten held off Marcus Smith, Proctor stuffed Siavii and Berger threw Dixon to the outside. Free was good on Bowen, Lekkerkerker battled Hatcher to a standstill and Spears beat Stenavich. Gibbons had a good round against Remi, Berger stuffed Dixon, Canty went too wide against Free and McQ was pretty good against Ware. McQ and Ware hooked up again and this time Ware blew right past him, Ratliff had no problems with Stenavich and Siavii got the better of Gibbons.

After that they did more special teams and closed with 11-on-11 but I couldn’t get a proper view of that session and didn’t want to make things up just to fill out the practice report! We’ll be back for another two-a-day tomorrow.

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