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Film Review interruptus


OK, so I haven’t exactly been Johnny-on-the-spot lately with the posts. I said I was going to do a film review but the part of my life where I actually make money - you know, non-blogging - sometimes takes over. And it has recently. Gotta eat.

Anyway, film review postponed. Maybe tomorrow in the day?

The DMN blog says Anthony Spencer and Martellus Bennett missed practice today. Bennett showed up, thanks Wmillion. Spencer has a sore knee.

I did a Q&A with The Landry Hat, a Cowboys blog, before the Chargers game. He’s posted the results. Check it out.

Todd Archer chats up the masses about the Cowboys. Good stuff. 

If you want to know anything about our upcoming opponent and practice partner, the Denver Broncos, you’re in luck. SB Nation has the Mile High Report, and I’m not blowing smoke when I tell you that is one fine blog. Give them a visit. But play nice, Terry!

Rumor alert! Chris Simms sector.

If he continues to play well, maybe another team is willing to give up a fifth-round draft pick in a trade. (Among the teams with scouts in the press box Saturday night were the Bears and Cowboys, both of whom seem to have interest in Simms.)

Archer claims we have scouts at a lot of games, so maybe not Simms specific.

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