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Cowboys reject backup plan for backup QB


Naturally, after watching our backup QB’s on Saturday against the Chargers, serious doubts were confirmed for the fanbase. I saw Brad Johnson and Richard Bartel lead uninspiring practice sessions out in Oxnard and reported as much to you guys. Then on Saturday you got to see first-hand the dicey situation behind starter Tony Romo. With a few bigger-name vet QB’s still on the streets and a lot of unknowns waiting for a chance, I thought it was possible we might see one or two guys brought in for a look.

Not happening, so far.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said the likelihood the team would bring in another quarterback was slim, at this point.

"We want him to have more reps," Jones said. "So when you bring somebody else in here they're going to have to, at some point, get some time. And we think, looking at last year and just how much time he had last year in the preseason, that we need to get him more work. As I'm standing here right now, I think he can be the answer."

That’s a very weak endorsement – I think he can be the answer. I guess we can watch Brad play with the starters this week and then start arguing about his play all over again. But maybe this is a good thing; if he can't get it done with the starters then there are no excuses, because it will be set-up for him to succeed.

"It gives him a better feel for having the protection, having the running game, having the receivers and the right routes and the timing," Phillips said.

El Gato has certainly turned some heads with his performance on Saturday night. So much so that a running back nickname for the duo of Barber and Jones led off an article.

Calling them Thunder and Lightning might be a little trite if not premature.

And it’s probably been used enough.

Indeed. It’s been overused and lacks the creativity that should accompany all nicknaming sessions. We at BTB went with Hit and Run in our main page poll; I like that one even more now.

JJT uses Bradie James as an example of talented players on defense who will need to subjugate their ego for the betterment of the team this year.  

"It's about embracing your role. If I'm going to be a first- and second-down linebacker, then I'm going to be the best one that I can be.

"It's still tough because I know what I can do. As a competitor, you want to be out there, but I can't be bucking the system. I'm one of the leaders."

More special teams blah blah. Just fix it already. 

Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips seconded that notion in his Monday news conference, citing a particular kickoff in which some of the younger players were "five to eight yards" behind last year's special teams tackles leader and gunner, safety Pat Watkins.

"They think they're running fast but it's not game speed. I think they learned from it," Phillips said. "(Watkins) runs, and he runs hard, and I think those young guys saw that now. Same thing with our punt team - they were covering the field like they were supposed to but they really weren't getting down."

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