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Dallas Cowboys Roundup: Pacman Jerry's biggest gamble ever?

What about Roy Williams on special teams?

The guys at tackle this interesting question posed by a reader. They cover all angles. Do we really want our starting strong safety at risk like that? But didn't Darren Woodson do it though? Does he even want to do it?

We're paying him a lot of money so I'm hesitant to put him on special teams. But if he can get his mojo back by smacking a couple of return guys I'm all for it.

GEORGE AVARA, EL PASO, TX: If I recall correctly, Darren Woodson was a special teams player for most of his career even when he was our starting safety. So, why doesn't Roy Williams play on special teams? He's no longer an every down player because of his limited pass coverage skills but he can still tackle pretty darn good and maybe cause some turnovers. The problems the Cowboys are having on special teams need to be addressed immediately and this would give Roy a chance to contribute to the team in other ways. What are your thoughts?

Josh: I think Roy would be a fine addition to the special teams. Remember, he was like the Grim Reaper out there his rookie year on kickoff coverage with some of those big hits. Jimmy Williams, the ex 49ers return man is still having nightmares. The only thing is, does Roy want to play special teams? That's not something you want to hear, but in reality, it's probably his call.

Rob: You're right, Williams isn't an every-down player anymore, but he's still your starting strong safety. I certainly wouldn't put him on every special teams unit, but if the coverage struggles continue maybe it's something Wade Phillips should consider. Williams did play special teams as a rookie in 2002.

Mickey: I certainly don't have any problems with that. And you are right, until the very end, Woodson played special team, mostly on kick-off coverage that latter part of his career, and I remember this distinctly because we'd joke with him about can't an old man get off special teams at some point in his career. The Cowboys coverage units must improve, and if that is at the expenses of some starters having to play a few more down, like a Roy Williams, then so be it. This weakness from last year cannot continue to be this week again.

Anthony Spencer is getting an MRI on his knee. Dr. Jerry says it's a bone bruise. Wade says not to worry.

Spags wants to come back to Oxnard. Who doesn't?

But if it were me, and everything else was even, I'd have the Cowboys returning to Oxnard for training camp, the place Al Davis discovered when his Raiders were stationed in L.A., and probably because Tex Schramm already had discovered the benefits of training in Thousand Oaks back in 1963.

Now the Cowboys vacated this place in 2007 because those owning the property surrounding the practice complex were supposed to build a housing development. But thanks to the economy's downturn, I'm told by local realtors that's just not going to happen any time soon; that this land used for parking and the fan zones will be available for years to come.

Be a shame to just let this land sit vacant year round.

Now didn't someone once say contracts are made to be broken? Or was that records? Can't remember.

But after Monday's practice Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was seen talking with the Oxnard mayor, along with one of the city councilman, both of whom came out to "say goodbye," but as Jones said he told them, "keep communicating."

And the good news is this: When asked, knowing the club has a contract for upcoming camps in San Antonio, if there was a chance of coming back here to training camp, Jones said, "Yes, yes, there is a significant chance," and he would go on to say with a big grin on his face, "there are some things about (camp in Oxnard) I like a lot.

It's a shame I live so close yet have never gone to a training camp in Oxnard. Good thing Grizz represented for the whole BTB.

Matt Mosley has a good roundup of opinions on our first preseason game. The consensus seems to be that our first team looked pretty good and then -- like when these three guys show up -- it all went to hell in a handbasket.

Todd Archer and Tim Cowlishaw tell the masses not to get our panties in a bunch and not to read too much into the San Diego debacle.

Adam Jones says he's usually a slow starter. He says he'll get it together soon. Probably in a week.

Pacman, who stressed that he didn't come to Dallas to be patient, cautioned a handful of reporters that it's too early to push the panic button.

"I ain't trying to say this, but the first preseason game I always play like [manure]," Pacman said. "We'll just see how I play this weekend. If I do that same [manure] I did last weekend this weekend, put me up under the bus.

"Just one week. Don't need no more weeks. I give y'all permission to blast me if I do that again this week."

While this week grace period is in effect the DMN Blog ponders whether Jones is Jerry's biggest gamble ever. I don't know. Firing a legend to give his job to a college buddy with no NFL experience has to be up there. Firing another legend for another college coach gets consideration. Signing Ryan Leaf has to be mentioned.

If we're just talking recent player transactions I'd say T.O. and AJ would probably have to be a tie. Not from a talent standpoint because Owens is a better player than Jones. Much better. But as far as bad publicity. These guys were like whirlwinds of bad publicity when Jerry signed them. It's risky in the sense that it could tick off a loyal fanbase. Ultimately though I think Jerry knows his fanbase better than most owners. He knows we want to win. Not at all costs but pretty darn close too it. So there's risk there but not as substantial as one would think. Throw in the way the contracts were structured and the risk gets smaller.

Donovan McNabb says T.O. is finally maturing. Does that mean he'll finally admit that he's acting more and more like a child? Apparently he thinks the Eagles are the class of the NFC. Forgetting for a second that the class of the NFC plays in Irving.

Let's check up on former DMN Blog point man Albert Breer shall we? He's got what seems like a profile on Jerry and his pursuit of another ring at his new publication. Gotta subscribe to see the rest. Subscription is free so I'd check it out.

I kinda miss the Breerman and his Patriot homerism. I guess he never recovered from the Super Bowl. Oh so close! Yet so far!

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