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Cowboys roundup


So DCFanatic just rang me up to talk about the fact that the NFL Network has removed us from the Saturday night game and put the Jets game on. I just checked my TV listings and sure enough, the Jets vs. Redskins game is being shown at on Saturday night and we’re scheduled to be shown on Sunday at . I guess that means the internet-only for Saturday night viewing. BTW, DCFanatic is at defcon1 and is writing a letter to Roger Goodell and the NFL, or as he calls it, the National Favre League. Ha!

Don't forget about Hard Knocks tonight. I'll put up an open thread. has a breakdown of the first practice with the Broncos.  Some highlights:

The teams were apart during position drills, but came together for one-on-one work, inside running drills, 7-on-7 passing and 11-on-11 team drills. Barber was the recipient of the day's first hit, but others got in on the action. Denver linebacker Wesley Woodyard got a cheapy along the sidelines in on Cowboys running back Alonzo Coleman during team exercises, and rookie Cowboys corner Orlando Scandrick laid out Broncos receiver Eddie Royal about 10 minutes later.

Rookie cornerback Mike Jenkins found a new way to win a battle in the one-on-one drill. Facing veteran Keary Colbert, Jenkins used the five-yard contact zone to his advantage and just threw Colbert to the ground, about two yards out of bounds as the pass just fluttered by. Drafted not only for his quickness, Jenkins showed some upper-body strength as well.


Evan Oglesby] picked off one pass during 7-on-7 drills and broke up another. The last week or so he's been collecting at least one interception a day, and is distancing himself from some of the other young Cowboys cornerbacks.

So far, Oglesby has been ahead of Alan Ball for the #6 CB spot. He’s making all the plays to grab it. Ball better get a move on soon if he wants to hang around.

Todd Archer’s practice observations

Calvin Watkins’ practice observations. One very intriguing note:

3. Tank Johnson was getting first-team reps at nose tackle. Marcus Spears was getting second-team reps at nose tackle. Jay Ratliff was first-team defensive end.

You can see what Mike Shanahan and Jay Cutler had to say about the practice over at Mile High Report.

Cowboys Quickies:

More Miles Austin love.

Some Terrell Talk. 

Interesting article on how the Cowboys do their film study.  Man, I wish I had that equipment and access to their database of tapes

AJ writes a letter to Roger Goodell saying “I’ve been good, please let me play football again.”  The he throws a few remarks Brandon Marshall's way.

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