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Cowboys @ Broncos practice links

With no Kevin Burnett today: 

Starting linebackers Bradie James and Zach Thomas worked in the dime role during today's practice, as did Bobby Carpenter, who has worked behind Burnett during camp.

My guess is that we’ll see Justin Rogers back inside a lot more for this upcoming game. And what’s with behind Burnett during camp. I’m sorry, but there are two linebackers in the middle, and through most of camp Carpenter was working beside Burnett, not behind. Did anybody else witness this?

You got to give it up for Brandon Marshall, he’s funny.

Brandon Marshall came out to practice with a piece of tape on his pads that read: "Adam's No (Pacman)" - with the Pacman being represented by a drawing of the yellow ghost-eating video game character.

Photo evidence at the DMN blog.

Observations from practice in Denver here and here.

Video here at


he prognosis on Kevin Burnett:

The operation will remove chipped cartilage in the knee caused by bone spurs that developed over time. Dr. Cooper and Cowboys trainer Britt Brown were both confident the linebacker could return for the regular-season opener, Sept. 7.

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