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Cowboys @ Broncos NFLN replay open thread

The NFL Network is replaying the Cowboys @ Broncos game at

This is an open thread for chat while watching the game.

The BTB fantasy football league shook out like this:

Grizz, TH, Brandon, Terry, scottmaui and philosopher were already in the league. The six spots from the random drawing went to tasan, BigRigga31, The Jeezus, bryangene, grapejoos and jascksastud.

More guys were interested in playing so if anybody wants to create a couple of other leagues on FleaFlicker, I’ll cover them on the blog too, but we’ll need someone to step up as commissioners and create the leagues. If someone wants to do that and if enough guys are interested, respond in this open thread. Also, I think we had at least one other BTB fantasy league brewing, if whoever is running that let’s me know about it, I’ll cover it, too. And I guess that goes for any BTB-member league going.

We have this little software program that calculates stats on open threads. So I used it on the three Broncos game open threads below.

Here are the top-5 BTB’ers in number of comments on the open threads:
Bigrigga31 – 114 comments
Brandon W - 101
scottmaui - 86
Wmillion - 76
Dave Halprin (Grizz) - 57

We had 33 people participate, which is actually kind of low. Hope to see more next game.  

Click below to see everybody’s stats.

WB3forMB3 - 46
grapejoos - 42
quincyyyyy - 36
Deke - 30
Zak - 30
silverblue5 - 28
Longhorn - 25
GimmyJ - 20
sublimezg - 19
Billito - 15
DC_fan - 11
Philosopher - 10
Bigdogarita - 7
kindablue - 4
dlthibo - 4
downsetgo - 4
Tuna Helper - 4
Doomsday - 4
TimSchultz36 - 3
Wharter - 3
JimmyJohnson - 2
APerfectStar - 2
TrueBlue24 - 1
325424 - 1
rangerider - 1
dunkman - 1
GloryDayz88 - 1
bad knees - 1

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