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Dallas Cowboys "breaking camp" notes

All the press reports on Miles Austin say 4-6 weeks on his sprained MCL. That’s a drag, but I’m holding out hope for more like 2-3 weeks.  False hope maybe, but until I hear it from Wade Phillips or Miles Austin, I’ll hold out hope. Meantime, the door is open for Isaiah Stanback, Danny Amendola or one of the other receivers to make their move. Bobby Carpenter didn't grab his opportunity against the Broncos with Kevin Burnett out, he turned in a very mediocre performance. He needs to be better than he was on Saturday if he wants to convince the Cowboys coaches that he deserves to play. Don’t waste your good preseason now, Captain Caveman.

Everything you ever wanted to know about El Gato, and more

The Cowboys are tired after training camp and glad to be going home. 

"I feel like I’ve been on tour with a rock band. I feel like I’ve been on tour with a famous singer," Cowboys defensive tackle Tank Johnson said. "I’m ready to get home, get back to my bed and kinda get into a routine of the season. This hasn’t been easy. Playing, traveling, unnecessary traveling, but this is how it goes."

Could that be part of the reason for poor play on Saturday? Probably not, but the Cowboys recognize they can’t play as sloppy as they’ve been doing in the regular season.

"Mistakes and penalties," Cowboys defensive lineman Jay Ratliff said after the Cowboys’ 23-13 loss in Denver. "We are beating ourselves. The main thing is to not hurt yourself. I don’t think it’s a lack of concentration, but we need to be aware of what we’re doing. We need to eliminate mental errors and stupid penalties."

Leave it to Crayton to say the true, but inappropriate thing.

"I think [lead official] Mr. [Ed] Hochuli likes to get himself on TV a little bit. I know he likes to work out, but c’mon, Mr. Hochuli," Crayton said. "We don’t gotta see that much of you."

No need to rile up the refs this early, Crayton.

Coverage of the game from a Denver perspective. That Eddie Royal was something. 

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