Fantasy Analysis: Can Marion Barber carry the load?

ESPN's James Quinton has an analysis of MB3 from a fantasy perspective, and his expected role on the team with Felix Jones as a complementary back.

With [Julius] Jones out of the picture, there shouldn't be any questions about Barber's playing time, so the major question now becomes whether Barber is capable of carrying the load on a full-time basis and live up to the top-10 billing he now gets in fantasy drafts because of his featured role in the Cowboys offense.

Here's his conclusion:

Barber has the toughness and versatility to do whatever the Cowboys want from him out of the backfield, and he's ready to carry a bigger load this year, which explains his high draft position so far. The Cowboys can keep him fresh with Felix Jones picking up some of the slack, but you might expect to see more of that later in the season, as Felix Jones figures out his role in the offense. Early in the season, though, look for a lot more Barber, who can produce big numbers seemingly no matter how many touches he gets. He's a safer bet than you might think.

With all of the excitement and attention over the potential for Felix's role this year--as well as all the other returning, developing and new weapons--we haven't talked a whole lot about Barber this offseason.

But I'm sure for all of us, one of thing we're most exciting about this year is seeing Marion Barber as our starting running back!

MB3 is one guy that I just have an enormous amount of confidence in. I know when he gets the ball he's going to fight his heart out for every last yard and most of the time get a pretty good chunk, and hold onto the ball in the process. That alone would be great.

But of course what is so exciting about Barber is how he changes the entire tone of the game. He punishes defenders and electrifies his teammates.

I just love watching this guy play. And I can't wait see what he produces for the Cowboys as our lead back this season.


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