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Dallas Cowboys reading material

Sorry for the lack of posting, life has been extremely busy recently. Hopefully sometime tonight I can get the film reviews up.

Here’s some stuff to read.

With Miles Austin injured, there’s a ton of talk about the other WR’s and who will step up. takes a look at the full-picture, the DMN focuses more on Sam Hurd, and the Star-T examines just how important a third option in the receiving game is for a team.

Timmy Mac gives some love to Tashard Choice, representing the ATL and GT!

John Beck?

Hat tip Deke.


question of the day coming from Wade Phillips press conference: Should we use Felix Jones as our main guy on kick returns? Phillips gave no clear indication if that will happen this year and made note that kickoff return is a high-injury phase of the game and that El Gato is becoming integral to this offense.

So what say you BTB?