The Cowboys look all right to me...

I've noticed some serious kvetching and moaning bout the pre-season record. Shango seems to be in arms about effort. I saw plenty of effort, and a lot of guys playing to not get hurt. It's a lot like playing not to lose instead of playing to win, it's a passive mindset. It leads to every bad thing possible happening. It will lead to people getting hurt because they let up when they should put the hammer down. This is not the same as lacking effort, it's more like playing too safe. I was really impressed that the Second team more than held it's own against Denver, they were putting the wood to them(13-9, but I digress).


I saw a lot of positives in the Broncos game, I see the beginnings of "Scandrick the Destroyer", and Adam "Pick 6" Jones. Zach played lights out, and Capt. Caveman might be taking Burnett's job from him. I also saw flags galore, Ed Hoculi loves showing off his guns. It seems to be an un-written rule in the NFL, when in doubt throw a flag on the Cowboys. From Roycollar's to Barbarian Punches, the NFL seems to make a new "Anti-Cowboy" rule every year. I never thought I's say this, Miles Austin is injured and were gonna miss his production.

It's a new glorious season people, and we have more talent than Michael Moore has neckfat, be happy. This is the time of year to work out all the kinks, and get everyone's mind right. The power of positive thought is a wonderful thing.



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.