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Film review: Offense, Cowboys @ Broncos


Here’s the review of the offense in the Broncos game.

QBTony Romo would have looked really good if he had a little more touch on two deep passes with receivers open. Still, I’m not worried about Romo’s play at the moment. Brad Johnson had a better game. With the o-line giving him some time he looked competent although Austin really helped him out on a couple of those catches. He did hold the ball too long once and missed an easy swing pass, but definitely looked better. Richard Bartel looks like he has potential but isn’t quite ready yet. Had a nice game though and the INT wasn’t his fault. Plus, good hustle play to stop the INT return.

RB - Marion Barber didn’t have a lot going on in this game. No worries. Felix Jones wasn’t showcased as often in this game as the previous one but he turned a short pass into a long gain again and broke a tackle along the way. He was quick to the corner on another run and had a couple of good blocks in pass protection, although they called tripping on one that I couldn’t see. Tashard Choice couldn’t get anything going on the ground but did have one nice catch. It was his special teams work that stood out this week. Keon Lattimore made the most of his carries, leading the team in rushing yards and showing some nice wiggle for a back his size. On one play he didn’t recognize a blitz and went into the pattern instead of helping out his QB with a block. Alonzo Coleman was mainly invisible except for a fantastic blitz pick up.

WRTerrell Owens got a little work in early catching a string of short passes. Patrick Crayton was invisible except for one nice block on an MB3 run. Miles Austin had two outstanding catches while being closely covered, one for a TD and he continued his resurgence until the injury on kick coverage. Sam Hurd made a couple of catches but continues to have a very slow preseason after a hot training camp. Isaiah Stanback caught one pass but will get his opportunity this week to show us what he can do with increased reps. Danny Amendola had one catch, had one he couldn’t grab and left his QB out to dry on an INT. Todd Lowber had one long catch. Nothing from Mike Jefferson, Mark Bradford or Daniel Polk.

TEJason Witten. Ain’t even worried about it. Tony Curtis managed to catch a few passes just like last week and he’s learning to work out of the backfield as a blocker on runs. Martellus Bennett had a few good run blocks and a nice catch and run - knocking some steam out of Hard Knocks’ storyline. Rodney Hannah was the surprise star of the TE’s with four catches late in the game and a couple of really good run blocks. Drew Atchison did nothing.

FBDeon Anderson threw two really good lead blocks and had a catch that was nullified by penalty. Ronnie Cruz dropped a pass and injured his shoulder. Julius Crosslin got one carry. Not much from the FB position in this game.

OL – Flozell Adams had trouble with a stunt on a three-man rush that caused a hurried throw but looked good otherwise. Kyle Kosier also whiffed on a block that killed an end around play but had a great pull-block on an MB3 counter. Andre Gurode had one suspect block in the running game but that was it. Leonard Davis was fine. Marc Colombo got a 15-yard penalty for a late hit that was borderline. Joe Berger had a major whiff on a run-block that got Choice smacked. Doug Free had one bad block on a run but got some good drive blocks later in the game for Lattimore. I got James Marten down for getting beat twice. Didn’t notice Cory Proctor, Ryan Gibbons, Adam Stenavich, Pat McQuistan or Cory Lekkerkerker.

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