What We Need to See Against the Texans

Here's some things I would like to see from Dallas tonight to put my mind at ease;

A push up front - this is a wakeup call for Canty, Ratliff, Spears, Tank, Hatcher, Bowen and others to become a force not just against the run, but the pass as well. If teams are going to double ware and chip Ellis, then these guys have to win some one-on-one battles.

Disciplined play in the secondary - no stupid bites on double moves, keep zone integrity and punish the guy across the line from you when you're in man press coverage. Look, well run timing plays will always have some measure of success, but this team can't afford mental mistakes. One more thing...if Schaub or one of their scrub QB's throws a bad ball, feel free to catch it and run the other way with it.

Bigs get nasty  - the best thing that this offense can do for it's defense is to dictate the tempo of the game through physical, mean and nasty o-line play. We're big, strong and have the talent to move the pile on every play and going up against Mario Williams, Amobi Okoye and other young defensive studs from Houston is a good measure of where this o-line's transition from Sparano to Houck is.

Get to the edge - whether it's Felix running sweeps and catching swings out in the flat or one of our unheralded 'so-called' speed WR's (Stanback, Lowber, etc.) lining up outside and getting behind the defense, Dallas needs to show that it has big play ability beyond just T.O.

Be special - everyone knows Bruce Read's unit has been a dumpster fire so far this preseason. Now would be a good time to show disciplined lane integrity and good tackling technique since next week won't have our regulars on the field much.

Penalties - just stop it. Please?

That's it. That's all I want to see tonight. What do you think? Will I get my wish?




Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.