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Thinning out at the wide receiver position

DeMarcus Ware is one heckuva football player. But he's a better man and father.

I realize a lot of us were dealing with pain after last year's playoff loss. After the game I was sitting in my truck staring at the steering wheel for what seemed like hours. But that pales in comparison to what the Wares have been through.

Last January, DeMarcus and Taniqua were hurting professionally and personally.

The football season crashed when the Cowboys lost to the Giants in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Sitting in the front row behind the Cowboys' bench was Taniqua. She was crying as she talked on her cellphone to family members.

Just five days earlier, Taniqua had suffered her third miscarriage.

The Ware family was trying to come to grips with it all.

But don't worry. The sun came out. And the story has a good ending. They were able to adopt a child and they couldn't be happier.

Being a father is important to DeMarcus, who was raised in a single-parent household while growing up in Alabama.

"I never had a father around and so now with Marley in our lives this has really taught me a lot of responsibility," DeMarcus said. "It's also taught me how important a child is and how much happiness a child can bring to a family."

Repeat after me: tell this story whenever someone starts ranting about how selfish professional athletes are.

Hmmm. Apparently N.D. Kalu was not that impressed with MB3 even though he continually smashed his defense in the mouth. Not particularly much of a statement to get me riled up. But that doesn't mean I can't blow it out of proportion though!

Check this out. If you allow a running back to get 75 yards and a touchdown on you in a half, the best thing for you to do is compliment that back and then stay quiet. Otherwise you just seem like a donkey's behind. And I'm not talking about Eddie Murphy in "Shrek."

Our receivers are dropping like bird crap on a windshield. takes notice.

With fourth receivers dropping like flies, roster hopefuls such as Danny Amendola and Mike Jefferson might be hesitant to take on the role for fear of falling victim to the curse. But they're not scared, and right now having them step up is exactly what the Cowboys need.

Both Amendola, an undrafted rookie out of Texas Tech, and Jefferson, a practice squader last season in his rookie year, made plays in Friday night's game. Neither has played all that much in the first two games, and neither has produced much, either. But Friday night, they were on fire, Jefferson pulling in three passes for 33 yards and Amendola netting one catch for 35 yards.

With two receivers out until the beginning of the regular season, the Cowboys might be forced to go long at the wide receiver position and possibly start scouring the waiver wire once teams start cutting their rosters, scheduled to be down to 75 by Tuesday afternoon and then 53 on Saturday.

Five observations about our preseason game against the Texans from hater extraordinaire Mac Engel: if we stay healthy we're pretty good, were thin at receiver now, Adam Jones is still dusting off the rust, our rookie class seems promising and we cut down on penalties during Friday's game. 

Brandon W does a great job of covering our injuries as well as the Kyle Kosier injury. Here's the official DMN story about it, as well as updates on Stanback's injury and Spears progress.

Ex-Cowboy dead at 40. Sad. Just real sad.

Hard to tell what Spags is getting at in his newest article. I think he's saying "Don't trip it's only the preseason and Romo is good enough to put us all at ease."

I think.

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