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Cowboys starting left guard tryouts

So the Cowboys are holding open tryouts Thursday for a starting left guard. Well, open if your name is Pat McQuistan, Joe Berger or Cory Procter. Not content with what they’ve seen so far from their primary backup, Joe Berger, Dallas will shift McQ inside from his right tackle spot and give him a chance. Berger is still in the mix and Procter is going to get some time too, although with Gurode not playing that means Ryan Gibbons will get some time at center on Thursday. Watching our offensive line against Minnesota will be of interest to Cowboys fans everywhere.

I’ve never been impressed with McQ’s work out at tackle; he doesn't have the footwork and agility necessary to deal with the quality pass rushing ends in the league. At the end of the last preseason game, a guy went right around him and knocked the ball from Brad Johnson’s hands. Luckily a penalty wiped out the play. Moving him inside might be the ticket as it was for another player at tackle, albeit one with a much higher level of talent, Leonard Davis. The principle remains the same, they may struggle in space, but inside where they have protection on both sides can play to their strengths. We’ll see if McQ is ready for primetime.

If not, then it could be Joe Berger, who received a lot of praise in camp but I never quite saw what the big fuss was about. They might have liked his play, but if they’re contemplating moving McQ inside, which might kick James Marten back outside, they must not be all that sure about his play. That’s a lot of movement to initiate and they wouldn’t do it unless they had doubts.

I don’t see Cory Procter as the guy who will win this competition. He’s had too many soft moments in the middle this preseason to be a starting guard. My guess is he remains at backup center/emergency guard.

Wade puts it this way.

"We're looking at all three of those guys this week," head coach Wade Phillips said. "All of them will get an opportunity to play in the game. We should have some idea what we'll do after the game."

Please, someone step up.

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