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Others weigh in on Jones reinstatement; Keith Davis released by MIA

In one of my favorite movies, "Carlito's Way," Al Pacino's character Carlito Brigante has just been released from prison and he yells to the judge "I've been completed rehabilitated, reinvigorated, reassimilated and finally going to be relocated!"

I'm sure Adam Jones can relate. As Brandon W reported earlier he's finally been reinstated by Roger Goodell.

Here's the official stories from the DMN, the Star-Telegram and

Spags lays out what was the worst-kept secret in the NFL. The Cowboys had a plan for Jones, Jones followed it, Goodell was watching and on the seventh day he said "Let there be light!"

The Cowboys, as an organization, have worked diligently with Jones to give him every chance of meeting all the stipulations Goodell wanted him to follow ever since being suspended in April of 2007 for repeated violations of the league's newly-instituted personal conduct guidelines for players.

Plus, Jones likely had added incentive to adhere to these stipulations since being suspended without pay has caused him some financial hardships, having to sell one of his houses in the Nashville, Tenn., area and having another foreclosed upon.

All along, the Cowboys were counting on hearing something from the commissioner before Sept. 1, as Goodell outlined during a summer visit to Dallas for a speaking engagement at a luncheon. And with the NFL's final cuts coming down at 3 p.m. (CDT) Saturday, it only made sense Goodell's ruling was imminent.

"Adam has worked hard to get to this point, but he also knows that there is still a lot of work ahead of him," Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones said.

"He is fully aware of the opportunity that he has been given, and he knows that this is an ongoing process."

Shout out to jacksastud and his fanpost here.

So Gestapo Goodell has stayed true to his word and reinstated Jones. People are already weighing in.

Here Ed Werner drops his two cents in this video. Michael Smith, who oddly has become the go-to-guy of all things football-related at ESPN, weighs in as well. thinks it's a riot that Jones found out about Goodell's decision while eating at Hooters.

Keith Davis was just cut by the Dolphins. The term "this stinks to high heaven" comes to mind. It seems as if he was an integral part of their plans. Hmmm. Tuna seems to have a love-hate relationship with KD. I guess the hate kicked back in.

Davis and his agent Curtis Stephens are staying tight-lipped.

"Players get released in the NFL every day and this is no different from any of those instances in any way," Stephens said. "Believe me, there is nothing curious about this. There was no off-field issue involved in this and when you complete your due diligence, I'm certain you'll find that to be true."

I will trust Stephen's word.

Davis was listed on the team's flight manifest for Wednesday's trip to New Orleans. He was even given a room number. But he was told of his release before the team left South Florida so he didn't make the trip. The Dolphins, meanwhile, offered no comment on the Davis transaction.

Davis was signed as an unrestricted free agent from the Cowboys this offseason. He was part of the Cowboyfication of the Dolphins that included tight end Anthony Fasano, linebacker Akin Ayodele and others.

Could Dallas give him a look? Our special teams troubles this preseason have been well documented. He's familiar with our schemes. He was one of the best special team players we've had to play for us in a while.

But I'm going to have to pass. Tuna wanted him. Coach Sparano wanted him. They paid him and guaranteed him he was starting. Now he's gone? I hate the "where's there's smoke, there's fire" analogy but it's applicable in this situation. Something smells fishy here and it's not just Bill Parcells' gym shorts.

Shout out to GimmyJ and his fanpost here.

Weird Team Preview of the Dallas Cowboys by ESPN. One expert picks us to finish third in the division. They also list the top five players on the team and Antonio Romo is not on the list. Also they list our strengths and the term TWO-TIME PRO BOWL QUARTERBACK are not used. WTF?



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