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Sam Hurd out for the opener

Not good. From the DMN Blog.

Cowboys PR chief Rich Dalrymple just poked his head into the media room and informed us that Sam Hurd (high ankle sprain) will not play in the season opener.

We will not have our projected No. 3 and No. 4 receivers against the Browns, and they could possibly be out longer. Sam Hurd and Miles Austin have respective injuries that will keep them out. Austin could miss the first month. Does this mean we keep Danny Amendola and Mike Jefferson? Can we afford to do that? Can we afford not to do that? Do we hit the waiver wire?

Again, I repeat. Not good.

Wade, or as Deke and Randy Galloway might say, Benny Hill, says Witten will be our No. 3 receiver in the season opener. He also said Martellus Bennett and Felix Jones will play big roles as receivers in our offense.

M'kay. I think I'm okay with that.

Different takes on the possible 53-man roster. Rick Herrin says we keep Mike Jefferson and not Danny Amendola, keeping only five WRs. Clarence Hill goes with Danny Amendola and says we keep Evan Oglesby and Alan Ball.

Could Captain Caveman get the ax? Wow.

Here's a theory that was being kicked around during the postgame media bullshooting session in the Texas Stadium parking lot: Sometimes you give a guy extensive preseason playing time to prove that he can't play. And LB Bobby Carpenter played a whole bunch this preseason, including the entire game last night.

So there was some speculating that Carpenter's time with the Cowboys could end Saturday.

I think he's safe. We've got to many injuries at that position and too much invested in his success. But I will say this. If his playing career is like playing "Contra" this would be his last life.

How will Adam Jones fit in? Just fine I hope once the rust is knocked off. Matt Mosley agrees.

The Cowboys may be more excited about Jones' ability in the return game than in the secondary. The club hasn't had a consistent threat in either area since Deion Sanders left the building. And don't try to bring up Reggie Swinton. He played on horrible teams, and he wasn't that consistent. (He did make some decent rap videos.)


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