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Keith Davis agrees in principle with Cowboys

Killer is back.

The Cowboys have agreed in principle to resign Keith Davis, the former safety/special teams monster who was signed away by Miami just last March. Davis is already in Dallas and the contract is expected to be finalized Monday.

Davis' arrival means that the Cowboys will have to make another decision just hours after finalizing the 53-man roster.

I'm still skeptical on his release but it's good to have him back. Our special teams have been as disappointing as "The Godfather III." He should help.

Shout out to DaveTroll and his fanpost here.

Spags reiterates want Brandon W and Grizz stated earlier. We're not done.

The Cowboys might not be done here, although they might get Isaiah Stanback back for Sunday's game against Cleveland. They will watch the wire, and yes, they know Ashley Lelie and Reche Caldwell have been released. The same with Eddie Drummond and Jamaica Rector. And they know Terry Glenn is still out there.

But you sign Lelie, Caldwell or Glenn, and they are yours for the season, or as I said on Friday, at least their contracts. None of that - for now - seems to get them excited. Remember, the Cowboys' injury situation is not everlasting, although Sam Hurd, while out at least for the opener, could be gone a month with this high ankle sprain, Miles Austin likely is another three weeks and Stanback is in limbo.

Here is the other thing. Teams are not finished adjusting their rosters, just as the Cowboys aren't. There could be other receivers of interest released in the next couple of days. No sense jumping to conclusions unless the guy you really want becomes available. So what they can do, assuming Amendola and Jefferson clear waivers, is go through practice this week and then on Friday sign one of them to the 53-man roster if bringing only two healthy receivers to Cleveland ultimately makes them nervous.

Cutting a guy on Friday you sort of like, and maybe can squeeze onto the practice squad 24 hours later, has a better chance of clearing waivers when teams are two days away from opening the season than they are this weekend.

The Browns have their own receiver issues.


Tom Orsborn goes over some of the surprise decisions associated with our current roster.

The decision to release Walden also was a surprise considering Dallas has only three healthy outside linebackers — DeMarcus Ware, Greg Ellis and Justin Rogers — after 2007 first-round pick Anthony Spencer underwent arthroscopic knee surgery Aug. 20 that was expected to sideline him two to four weeks.

Tom also looks at the hype surrounding the team.

We're big with celebrities. We're celebrities ourselves. We drive ratings. We're good enough, we're smart enough and gosh darnit people like us.

But will it cost us?

The answer is simple: Stars like to be around stars.

And the Cowboys are loaded with them.

That’s why HBO selected Jerry Jones & Co. for the network’s training camp reality series, “Hard Knocks,” and even tossed around the idea of a season-long series on the team.

It’s also why so many have picked Dallas to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.

But can a franchise with so many powerful personalities really be counted on to reach Tampa, Fla., especially when it hasn’t won a playoff game since 1996?

“As long as we kick the egos out the door, we’ll be fine,” linebacker Bradie James said.


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