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Dallas Cowboys practice squad almost complete

Rick Herrin at The Star-T.

Hat tip to scottmaui for posting in the comments.

The Cowboys have signed seven players to the eight-man practice squad: WR Mike Jefferson, WR Danny Amendola, LB Tearrius George, RB Alonzo Coleman, FB Julius Crosslin, TE Rodney Hannah and DE Marcus Dixon.

The one last spot is expected to be filled by QB Richard Bartel, who cleared waivers but got some interest from Miami. Here's the problem for the Grapevine product. He may only be here for one week. The Cowboys are looking to add a third quarterback to their 53-man roster with NFL experience and they are targeting Vikings-ex Brooks Bollinger, who was part of the final cuts.

Bollinger? Really? I don't get it.

With Erik Walden gone we had to keep Tearrius George. Nice to see Rodney Hannah getting another chance. What about Crosslin, a guy nobody paid attention to but I guess when you only have one FB on the roster, you get a chance like this. And a lot of people's pet cat Marcus Dixon hangs around.


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