Yakuza Rich Dallas Cowboys Blog: Aikman, Overrated or Not...You Be the Judge

In the second half of this post, YR has an interesting analysis of Aikman's stats and whether he deserves to be in the HOF in the context of how stats that show how the passing game has changed over time... "the passing game has drastically changed over the years. And why writers, HOF voters, commentators, analysts, etc. choose to ignore this is beyond me. So what I’ve done is take a brief look at the difference in passing and receiving statistics over the years, starting at 1966 and going through 10 year intervals. For each year, I took the top 10 QB’s. [...] Aikman’s best years were from 1991-1998 where he had a QB rating of 87.1. During that time the league average was 75.0. Obviously, a big part of Aikman’s praise and HOF induction was him winning 3 Super Bowls (and being a terrific postseason player in general). But during his best years his QB rating was 16.1% above the average, which would be the equivalent of a QB having a 92 QB rating in today’s NFL."