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Dallas Cowboys quick links

Just one practice today for the Cowboys, and Grizz is traveling on his way back home; no more great in depth practice reports. Hopefully we can keep getting some videos from Shango in his absence. Here are a few links to quench your Thursday afternoon Cowboys thirst.

Mickey Spagnola has a great piece about Felix Jones. He says watching Felix in camp this year reminds him of another Jones back on the same fields in 2004. We all hope that Felix is able keep the fire he has now instead of losing the drive like Julius did the last few seasons.

One thing that people underestimate about The Cat is his ability and willingness to run between the tackles.

Several times over the past few practices Felix Jones' best runs have been those between the tackles, making one quick cut and getting into the defensive backfield where a tackler's wrong angle on any play can mean six.

He had one of these for what would have been a touchdown the other day, and I promise, even though they weren't tackling, no one had an opportunity to do so. I think this is the run Phillips referred to here on Sunday when saying, "Broke the line, he saw the linebacker, but he was on to the safety already."

That is what you want to hear about your running back, even if he's probably going to play second fiddle to Barber, that he has good vision and anticipation. That he instinctively knows who he is going to beat initially and already is on to the second line of defense.

Exactly what made Emmitt so good.


The NFL has implemented a  "Fan code of conduct." Guess this means Cowboys fans in Philly can go see a game, right?


Some Cowboys players are glad not to have a roommate this year. Some others, like Roy Williams, welcome the company.


Flozell Adams has his sights set on a SB ring.

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