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Dallas Cowboys 53-man roster in flux

The Dallas Cowboys have about three or four days to get this all straightened out. What they presented as their 53-man roster and practice squad will surely change this week, and possibly next week, the question is how much.

We know that Keith Davis is going to be signed, possibly on Tuesday or Wednesday. That means one person is gone from the 53-man roster. Dallas is carrying one extra defensive back and one extra offensive lineman, so you would guess one of the bottom two corners, Alan Ball or Evan Oglesby, would get the boot. I don’t think they’d carry 12 defensive backs.

But there is another piece of the puzzle that could change who Davis replaces. Isaiah Stanback is going to attempt to practice in a shoulder harness. His success or failure will determine his future, which could go from playing in the season opener to landing on IR. The Cowboys will watch him at practice and make a determination on his season. If he can play on Sunday, Danny Amendola and Mike Jefferson will likely remain on the practice squad.

For the immediate week, it doesn’t look like the Cowboys are going to add a veteran WR, instead they will depend on either Stanback’s health or call up Amendola or Jefferson. Unless they are working on a trade, it appears they will go in-house for week one. After week one, they can look at outside free-agent options.

Also in the mix for the following week is a veteran QB coming on board to be the #3. Everybody says that it’s Brooks Bollinger and not Chris Simms. Dallas put Richard Bartel on the practice quad this morning, but his future is very unsure.

So let me try and sum it up:

Keith Davis is going to take a 53-man roster spot.
If Isaiah Stanback is healthy enough to play, Davis would displace either Ball or Oglesby, or possibly even James Marten.
If Stanback goes to IR, then Davis could take his spot.
But Stanback’s absence would most likely require a call-up of Mike Jefferson or Danny Amendola, meaning Ball, Oglesby or Marten will have to go.
Next week, barring a trade this week, the Cowboys could look at adding a WR, depending on health issues.
Next week, they might bring in a #3 QB and Brooks Bollinger appears to be the leader in the clubhouse.

Tank Johnson has changed his number to 95 and Montrae Holland will wear #64. The question is what number will Keith Davis wear? Tashard Choice has his old #29.

As noted above, Richard Bartel was added to the practice squad Monday morning. 

The DMN says we’ve expressed interest in old friend Jamaica Rector but not Joe Horn or Freddie Mitchell. Freddie Mitchell?

Adam Jones has been a good guy


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