Everbody Stan-Back!

Alright haters. I'm gonna walk all the way out on the ledge, and I aint scared of fallin. Isaiah Stanback is the only healthy wideout we have after T.O. and Crayton so instead of hatin on dude, lets get behind him.

Im gonna go ahead and say that not only will Stanback be solid, but he will show enough electricity to push Austin and Hurd. Call me crazy but Stanback is the best athlete on this team not named Owens or Ware. I know it takes more than athleticism, but contrary to popular blog belief, Stanback is an intelligent guy. You dont play QB for 3 years in big boy football without being sharp.

Anybody else who would harness up a bum shoulder for the sake of the greater good would be called a hero so give dude a little credit.

Over the course of the next month Isaiah Stanback will justify the hype that has surrounded his name since last years draft.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.