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Procter gets his second start; Austin looks good in practice

Looks like Wade Phillips looked at Cory Procter's performance Sunday and said, "That was cool. Let's try that again."

He'll get the start again Monday says the DMN Blog.

The performance Sunday against the Browns was, dare I say, Brady-like. Bump that. Even better. Aikman-like. He didn't get touched. He just sat back there, surveyed the field and picked the opposition's defense apart. This is something he's been working on for a long time, according to Matt Mosley.

Romo talked about how he worked hard in the offseason to have "calmer feet" in the pocket. He said it helps him stay patient against blitzes and some of the three-man rushes he faced Sunday against the Browns. In the past, Romo would drift toward the rush as he went through his reads. Now, he's doing a better job of staying in the pocket and buying himself more time. You might not see him take off running as much, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Not a bad thing at all.

Miles Austin and Marion Barber practiced today without incident.

Good stuff.

Austin looked good too.

Highlights of the Browns game.

Shout out to scottmaui and his fanshot here.

Why is Brooks Bollinger here again? I assume as insurance in case of the Doomsday Scenario (which would be if we lose Tony Romo for any period of time) or as the eventually backup whenever the team sends Brad Johnson out to pasture.

Interesting look at the rivalry between America's Team and the City of Festering Bitterness. Again, Mosley is on the scene. I liked this quote.

Stan Hochman covered the Eagles from 1967-75 and he talks about a Bounty Bowl that didn't include Jimmy Johnson or Buddy Ryan:

The bitter rivalry started with a bang, not a whimper. Linebacker Lee Roy Jordan banged his elbow into Tim Brown's jaw, fractured it, loosened six teeth.

"That started it, really," Brown said recently. "The year before, I'd run two kickoffs back for touchdowns [vs. the Cowboys]. They said they couldn't stop me. I said, the only guy who could stop me was [coach] Joe Kuharich. I wasn't getting the ball.

"But I always had good numbers against Dallas. That's why they went after me. I got a couple of phone calls before the game, from guys I knew. They said the Cowboys had a contract out on me."

Is Felix the Cat the next Westbrook?

God I hope so.

Who was more impressive? The 'Boys or the Eagles? Hmmm.

Better question: who played the better team on the road?

Jessica has a bout with foot-in-mouth disease.

It's all good. I was thinking the same thing. And you know what? I hope after we thrash the Iggles, they bring Jessica to the Star in the middle of the field and let her bask in it, just so we can stop talking about her and this silly curse that nobody with a brain believes in. Or, if standing on the Star is too sacrilegious for you, show her on the JumboTron, in the middle of the 4th quarter, as we're running out the clock during this inevitable blowout. Get it over with.

All bets are off if it's a close game though.

Shout out to Boyzfan94 and his fanshot here.

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