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Wade Phillips press conference 9/11/08

Paraphrase of Wade Phillips' press conference today.

Miles Austin, Terence Newman and Anthony Spencer all participated, they did more than yesterday. I'm encouraged with all three. Marion Barber and Isaiah Stanback had no problems today. We're prepping for the Eagles, working on blitz pickups on offense, on defense we'll come after them a little bit. We had a good practice, they were focused, excited about the game. It's still MNF, everybody watches and it motivates them.

Terence Newman could start Monday, we just don't know yet. We don't know for sure if he'll play, either. He's better than last week, you never know with injuries but he looks better than last week. He felt good today, had a nice INT today on deep ball in practice. He's going to play if he can, he'll play with pain. I didn't think he was ready last week, for cautionary reasons held him out, I look at whole season instead of just one game. He just didn't progress last week after a certain period, he leveled out, now he looks better.

Hudson Houck has helped us. I like the o-line, they played together last year, having them play together in the same system is important, Hudson has his way of teaching and has helped them with techniques. They are hard working , they like football, they like to practice. The o-line is almost half your offense, the teamwork really comes with those guys, other spots like backs or receivers you have individual talent, but the line have to be coordinated and be a team. Erik has helped the guys on technique, but Hudson is a tremendous coach and is the guy they listen to.

(The above was in response to some reporter who is obviously writing a story about Erik Williams, but coach was all about Hudson Houck as the teacher of the o-line.)

Anthony Spencer will play when healthy, he'll be rotated in. You need 3 OLBs because of the rush we want to get. He'll be in there some for Ellis, maybe both of them in there at the same time. He's a good player, we need to get him on field. He had a tremendous camp, had an injury setback, but we need to get him on the field. He was less-limited today. I hope he can play, he looks better than last week.

Terrell Owens has a lot of good memories of his time in Philly, they went to the Super Bowl and he fought back from injury to have a great game. I'm sure he has a lot of good memories, people tend to look at just the bad, he did a lot for them there, I don't know how he feels though. Ask him, he'll probably tell you, he doesn't seem to hold back. He made plays there like he does everywhere he's played.

Felix Jones hadn't had problems with blitz pickup, his role is limited, we only give him certain protections that he knows, we don't put him in for every kind of protection, just certain protections. He does a good job except McGinest just beat him one time last game physically, it wasn't he didn't know the protection, but Tony got it away.

We have two NT's that play real well, so Marcus Spears is just the third guy at that spot, I don't see him getting reps there unless we needed it. He'll play some DT in the 4-man rush. He learned the nose tackle just for versatility.


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