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Marcus Spears: Will he turn the corner this year?

Marcus Spears gets a lot of grief on this site. He deserves it. He was a high draft pick with expectations of greatness -- or at least productivity. He has not been either.

That being said, I've heard several times, by several sources, that he had a good training camp. He did make one good play in the last week's game but that was about it. So there's been mixed reviews but that's better than the "all-bad" reviews I'm used to seeing. Spears says it's because he's a changed man.

IRVING – Marcus Spears' biggest off-season acquisition may have been a new iPhone. Now, he can scroll through photos of his 18-month-old daughter Macaria at a moment's notice.

And there's plenty of storage for more photos when his second child arrives in April.

Family has taken center stage in Spears' life at a time when the 25-year-old defensive end is entering an important phase of his NFL career. The former first-round pick wants to show the Cowboys he's worth a contract extension, even if it means playing a new position.

Spears said a reaffirmation of his faith has given him a new outlook on life and football. He attends church at the Potter's House and soaks up every word from Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Some are fretting over the lack of sacks in our first game. We actually had a good number of sacks last year and it's important to duplicate that success this year. Clarence Hill is all in a tizzy about the one sack we got in Cleveland.

A year after registering 46 sacks to rank third in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys kicked the season off with one paltry sack against Cleveland.

Reasons abound for the team’s lack of pressure, including the decision to split linebacker Greg Ellis wide as a bump-and-run defender on tight end Kellen Winslow. That left Pro Bowl linebacker DeMarcus Ware as the team’s primary rusher, playing in the hands of a blocking scheme designed to stop him.

Against Philadelphia and quarterback Donovan McNabb on Monday, reasons/excuses will not be good enough.

I think we'll be fine. We have too many pass rushers to not eventually get to the QB. I'm more interested in the flow of the game than statistics. Against the Browns, we dominated the tempo of the game and never really felt challenged despite the lack of sacks. I'll take that any day over a 5-sack game.

Cricket decides to stop a disgusting habit. Hilarity ensues.

Mac Engel makes the argument that we don't need another receiver as long as we have T.O. But since he's the engine that makes our receiving corps go, we should be extra careful with him when the game is out of hand.

Point well taken. But injuries happen dude. You just gotta play the game. The Patriots were running up the score left and right last year and they didn't have any significant injuries and then the first game of the year they have a catastrophic injury. You just gotta let the big boys play in my opinion. Let the dice fall where they may.

T.O. shares some of his workout regimen.

Tom Landry went out like a champ. Another great installment of the Old 'Boys Club.

Tom Landry’s 250th NFL regular-season victory also was his last.

It came Dec. 11, 1988, at Washington. The Dallas Cowboys brought a 10-game losing streak into RFK Stadium. Only their pride was at stake that day.

The Redskins were a different story. They were the defending Super Bowl champs who desperately needed to win this game, which ultimately came down to a Michael Downs deflection of a fourth-down Doug Williams pass in the end zone.

It was a doubly great day for Cowboys fans. Their team got a rare win 24-17, and the Redskins were mathematically eliminated from the playoff picture.

Miles Austin is hoping to play Monday and T-New is a gametime decision.

McNabb has played well at Texas Stadium. We must get pressure on him. If we don't, we're dead. We also have to be concerned about his mobility -- something he hurt us with last December.

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