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Terence Newman to start vs. Packers; Kosier and Hurd practice

An interesting day today. I was having a dull day at work until I read Grizz's classic rant against Stephen A. Smith. An absolute work of genius.

Then we got word that Deon Anderson will miss a few weeks. Bummer time again, but it's not as bad as I thought it would be when rumors started flying that he was out for the year. To help lighten the mood, some Dallas Cowboys news and notes...

Terence Newman will start this week against the Packers. He was rusty early on Monday night but he started getting his stuff together in the second half. Now we get to see just what this defense can do with a full array of healthy corners.

In other good news, Kyle Kosier and Sam Hurd were at practice today.

JJT poses the question of whether the Cowboys will be better without Roy Williams. Like I said Monday night, a lot of you will be seeing your dearest wish fulfilled.

Brad Sham says Greg Ellis is a great player and he's a worry-wart, but that's just who he is.

Patrick Watkins is starting at strong safety in Roy's absence.

The Cowboys franchise is 0-5 at Lambeau. That's all well and good, but this team has yet to have a crack at it. Plus the game is in September.

In a rare move for journalists, JJT admits he was wrong about El Gato.

This guy really doesn't like Tony Romo.

Dr. Z over at has his weekly power rankings out and he has the Cowboys at #1.

1 Dallas Cowboys
Last Week: 1

Dallas Cowboys (2-0)
Their cast of superstars is so deep that you lost track of some people Monday night. Tank Johnson, the ex-Bear, for instance. Could you tell he was on the field? And until the last Eagles series, when he put Donovan McNabb to flight, was DeMarcus Ware really a factor? OK, nobody's knocking the Cowboys, our top team for good reason, but I'll tell you why I'm not sold on them, Super Bowl-wise, and this is such a minor point that you will think I'm nuts. On a night in which offenses were uncontrollable, Wade Phillips could have gotten the ball back with a lot more than 39 seconds left at the end of the first half, had he been with it, in the timeout department. But this is not an action coach, such as Mike Shanahan, for instance. OK, they still put three on the board, but it could have been seven. Clock butchery always puts me in a bad mood.

Time for a minor Grizz rant.

Saying you don't think the Cowboys will make it to the Super Bowl is fine. But the reasoning is a bit suspect. Let's take a closer look at why the Cowboys took a little while to call timeout before the Eagles attempted a field goal at the end of the first half. The announcers, the TV audience and the entire Cowboys sideline all saw McNabb shrug off about 4 players on the sideline, while at the same time stepping out of bounds. Wade, then realizing that the referees had missed it, started sprinting down the sideline to call timeout. That burns a few seconds off the clock there, bud.

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