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Wade Phillips press conference 9/18/08

Summary of Wade Phillips' press conference from today.

Deon Anderson and Roy Williams are out, Anthony Spencer didn't practice, he's having trouble with the knee, we're trying to be cautious there, we'll investigate it further. Sam Hurd was limited, but ran around pretty well. Kyle Kosier went through everything in practice and looked good, I have a positive feeling about that, we'll see how sore he is tomorrow. He could have played a game today, if he's real sore tomorrow it could be a problem, but we're encouraged.

Spencer got through the game OK, but his knee wasn't feeling good today, we're being cautious. I don't know about his status for the game. It's questionable.

I did feel good about Kosier today, he worked with the first team, he held own in rush drills with guys like Canty. We'll see how he is tomorrow. He could have played a game today. If he's ready to play, he'll start.

Pat Watkins is a big part of special teams and he's good on all teams, good blocker on kickoff returns, he does the big four on special teams. We'll watch him some, don't want to lose him on ST, especially since Anderson isn't there, we may sub for him some on the nickel and dime defenses. Courtney Brown is getting more reps and will help us in some sub-packages, we don't want Watkins to play every play on defense and special teams.

Donald Driver and Greg Jennings are outstanding WR's. I like Driver a lot, great competitor, I have great respect for the way he plays, all out on every play. I always worry about him.

Guys who can play man-to-man today are special (Woodson and Harris), the offense has so many advantages so it's hard to play that way. They do a heck of a job, I haven't seen any other teams do it the way they do.

Aaron Rouse (sub for Atari Bigby) played some last week against Detroit. He's a big, tall guy with range, he knows what he's doing and played well last week.

Terence Newman looked fine, full participation in practice at LCB and in the nickel stuff. He looks full speed to me.

We may sign a FB on Saturday and play him, maybe sign three of them (seemed like a joke). Jason Witten and Tony Curtis are versatile, Bennett hasn't done it as much. We might put Marion Barber at fullback and someone else at tailback.

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