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Dallas Cowboys news and notes

Have you guys glanced over at the countdown timer on the left hand side of the homepage? Right now it reads a little over FIVE days until the season opener against the Browns. Remember back in April when all we wanted was for training camp to start, and then when that came we were impatient for the season? Well, here it is and I am so stoked I can't even concentrate on work. I find myself even more than usual sneaking a glance at the blog or the news sites for any Cowboys news, or looking them on my phone during meetings. This season cannot start fast enough.

Anyways, on to the news.

The Dallas Cowboys defense has a lot of talent and needs to play better than they did last year.

Come on, hold up one of those silly grandstand signs. You know, the ones with "De-(picture of a white, picket fence)." And there is no reason why not. This Cowboys defense should come into it's own in 2008, and just because the Cowboys might not hit last year's scoring average of 28 points a game shouldn't mean they have to lose.

"We have the potential to be one of the best units in the NFL," Cowboys defensive end Chris Canty said, "but potential means you haven't done it yet."

Well, it's time.

After a disappointing end to a great season last year, expectations are high for 2008. To clarify, I can't remember this much pressure on the Cowboys since 1994, when the whole world said the Cowboys should three-peat.

Emmitt Smith and Tony Dorsett think Marion Barber should tone down his intensity for the sake of longevity.

Barber hasn't been injury prone yet, and there's nothing to say he can't hold up with more carries. It's not like we're asking the guy to carry it 30+ times a game. Besides, we have Tashard Choice and Felix Jones to help out some. I say do what you do best Marion.

It's looking more probable that Isaiah Stanback will be our third receiver for week one.

The Cowboys have the fourt-best chance at winning the Super Bowl, according to Fox Sports.

JJT says phooey to injuries, the offense will be just fine.

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