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Dallas Cowboys dispatch the Green Bay Packers, 27-16

Well, well. How about that? The Dallas Cowboys went to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers and after a sloppy start, totally obliterated their opponent 27-16. What was supposed to be a clash of NFC powers turned into a one-sided affair. The Cowboys now stand at 3-0 and are at the top of the class in the NFC at this early point of the season. Dallas wasn't sharp early on; the Packers were able to get a competent pass rush going and their secondary was doing a good job of sticking with the receivers. Tony Romo wasn't taking care of the ball and threw an INT in the redzone and fumbled another. But once Dallas started to run the football, Romo settled down as he normally does and proceeded to punish the Packers defense. His passes in the second half were on target and the Packers couldn't deal with his excellent play.

The Cowboys also unleashed their newest weapon Felix Jones who popped a long TD run to get the Cowboys offensive machine in high gear. In other good news, Miles Austin returned to the form he showed in training camp and the preseason with two long pass catches; one a TD and another that set up a TD. Marion Barber also chipped in with some very tough running and a huge statistical game, although he had trouble holding on to the football. And just like normal, Jason Wittten was a human third-down conversion. When the Cowboys can get the pass rush blocked and Romo is under control, their offensive weapons are just impossible for a defense to handle.

Which means that many of the Cowboys games will come down to the play of their defense. On this night, the Cowboys defense stepped up to the task. After giving up a long drive early, they stiffened and held the Packers to a field goal. After that, they made plays by pressuring Aaron Rodgers and stuffing the running game, leaving Green Bay with few options. Anthony Henry came up with a couple of sacks on the evening and DeMarcus Ware chased Rodgers all over Lambeau Field. Also, Adam Jones caused a fumble and recovered it.

The Cowboys went on the road and did what they were supposed to do. They dominated the opponent, an opponent who many people felt were their equal. Based on this game, they were not.

This is an open thread for celebrating our third win of the season.



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